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You Can Remove That Stupid Doge Icon From Your Twitter Feed
April 7, 2023

You Can Remove That Stupid Doge Icon From Your Twitter Feed

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The iconic Twitter bird logo was replaced by Doge. I’m just happy the real Doge isn’t alive to see this.

Every day is a new thing with Twitter. Recently, the site lumped verified users and Twitter Blue users together so no one can tell them apart (at least not without an extension). And now Twitter replaced its iconic bird logo with, of all things, Doge. It’s stupid, and just another example of how far the site has fallen. But while there’s not much you can do to improve Twitter overall, you can get rid of Doge for good.

Why did Twitter make Doge its new icon?

As with most company decisions Twitter makes these days, it isn’t clear why their logo changed. Musk has been seen as the leader of the Dogecoin movement, so it’s possibly just a nod to that. However, he’s also trying to get a $258 billion racketeering case thrown out, in which he is accused of inflating the price of Dogecoin for two years before letting it drop. Perhaps it’s a nod to that case instead. Regardless, I don’t own Dogecoin; I don’t care about Dogecoin; I want nothing to do with Dogecoin. So let’s get that damn Doge off Twitter.

Band-aid fixes don’t remove Doge for long

As highlighted by many on Twitter, you can actually remove the Doge logo quite quickly—at least on Chrome. All you have to do is right-click on Doge, click ‘Inspect,’ right-click on the highlighted piece of code, and choose ‘Hide Element.’ In a flash, Doge disappears, and you regain a piece of your sanity—until you refresh the page, that is.

Unfortunately, this hack only works for the page you are on this instance—it won’t stick if you move to another spot on Twitter, nor will it stay if you refresh the page altogether. Sure, you could go through these steps every time you access a new page on Twitter, but that’s almost as ridiculous as the Doge icon itself.

How to remove Twitter’s Doge icon for good

There’s another solution that’s nearly as simple. All you need to do is install uBlock Origin on your browser, which you can download for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera. With the extension installed, right-click on the Doge icon again, but this time hit ‘Block Element.’ (This option will have the uBlock Origin logo next to it.) Then, hit ‘Create’ on the pop-up, and Doge will disappear for good. Go wherever you want on Twitter, Doge won’t follow. It looks a bit weird to see the space blank there now, but I’d rather have an awkward UI than see a logo as stupid as Doge.


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