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Will Photography Tours Trend in 2023?
February 5, 2023

Will Photography Tours Trend in 2023?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The increase in photography-centered travel, virtual reality experiences, and niche photography all point to a growing trend of photo tours in 2023.

Cellphones have made capturing special moments a breeze. And snapping pics while traveling is all too common, followed only by posting them onto various social media platforms.

But photography tours are an entirely different way to experience the world while exploring new ways to capture unique pictures. Will photography tours be a growing trend for 2023, though?

What Is a Photography Tour?

Photo tours are experiences for travelers that combine traveling to fantastic locations with assistance in taking the best pictures on their visit.

They’re trips to special destinations that are usually led by a professional photographer, meaning participants get hands-on assistance from some of the best in the industry. And, since they usually travel to the same locations as a guide, they typically know where and how to take the best shots.

Photography tours also have small group sizes. This keeps the tour simple and offers more one-on-one time with the guide. One of the best parts of taking a photo tour is that everyone involved has the same objective, so you’re always traveling with like-minded people.

There were quite a few photography trends worth leaving behind in 2022. As for whether photography tours will trend in 2023, there are three signs that point to yes.

An Increase in Photography-Centered Travel

One of the more clear indications that photography tours will trend in 2023 involves the growth of photography-centered travel. A substantial driver behind this trend involves the rise in the ability for people to work from home or abroad.

Many now find opportunities for building a fashion or lifestyle blog, and some of the best content for said pages involves capturing footage while traveling. And as travel, in general, swings back to normalcy, you can expect the same to happen with photography-centered travel and photo tours.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Visits

Another strong, yet somewhat surprising, reason why photography tours will trend in 2023 involves advancements and more accessibility in technology. Specifically, virtual reality and integrated virtual online tours.

You’ve likely already seen signs of this on many real estate websites in the form of a home virtual tour. You can explore a home from the comfort of yours. Well, the same is becoming true for popular travel locations.

More travelers are capturing footage and offering online tours. This can serve as a hobby, but there are also plenty of commercial opportunities as well. One of the best ways to get started and learn, of course, is by signing up for a photography tour.

It’s also worth mentioning that, as the trend of virtual tours climbs, there’s also an inevitable increase in people signing up for photo tours. Competition is the primary driver here, as newcomers to the space will want to stand out with unique footage from lesser-known locations.

Niche Photography Expansion

While searching for photography inspiration online, you’ll likely run into quite a few new artists involved in unique niches. This is thanks to a rapid shift in the photography community overall. It seems people are looking more into exploring niches than ever before.

With this evolution in interest in photography niches comes the diversification of subject matter and styles. This applies to both hobby and career photography. And, of course, in order to get the best pictures, many have to travel.

Beyond the competition, though, traveling for photography is an opportunity for many to hone their skills and learn in the process. Even beginners might find an interest in certain niches, like exploring bird photography while out in the wild. This is set to increase the number of people signing up for photography tours.

Photography Tours: A Burgeoning Trend for 2023

While it’s true that many platforms offer a streamlined format for uploading photographs and videos, they aren’t enough for honing your skills as a photographer and learning new techniques. Benefits aside, photography tours will likely trend in 2023 due to an increase in photography-centered travel, virtual tours, and an expansion in niche photography.

There are plenty of reasons to sign up for a photography tour. For many, it’s to provide content for a fashion or lifestyle blog while enjoying new vistas. If you’re looking for inspiration and getting started in photography, consider taking a look at some simple photography genres to try first.


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