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Who Owns Mastodon?
December 21, 2022

Who Owns Mastodon?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Mastodon is seen as a popular alternative to Twitter. But who owns the platform?

Mastodon used to be for tech-savvy enthusiasts, but thanks to Elon Musk’s Twitter buyout it has gained popularity as a possible alternative. If you’re just getting to know about this platform, or are already considering making the jump from Twitter to Mastodon but are concerned about another possible buyout, we’ve got you covered.

Who owns Mastodon? Can it be bought out? These and more are questions we’ll answer, so let’s dive in.

Who Owns Mastodon?

Mastodon is owned and maintained by a decentralized network of volunteer developers and users. It was originally founded by Eugen Rochko in 2016. Rochko is still the main developer and provides ongoing support for the platform. He also serves as the public face of the project and is a driving force in its growth and development.

Mastodon’s Open-Source Nature

Mastodon has grown in popularity over the past few years as an alternative to Twitter. But it only really became mainstream after Elon Musk’s buyout of Twitter in October 2022. This led to many users seeking out Twitter alternatives that weren’t owned by a single entity, leading to an influx of new users and developers to Mastodon.

Unlike Twitter, which is owned by a single entity (Musk, in this case), Mastodon is a distributed network run by independent servers called ‘instance administrators’. This means that there isn’t a single entity or individual that owns or controls the platform. Instead, it’s run collectively by the instance administrators who have their own policies and terms of service. The result is a completely decentralized network with no single point of failure.

Mastodon is available for anyone to use under a free license—meaning that anyone can use it to create their own server at no cost. While there are many servers run by individuals or small groups, there are also some larger Instances such as which are run by organizations with more resources behind them.

Can Mastodon Be Bought Out?

Because of the decentralized nature of Mastodon, it is highly unlikely that it would ever be bought out. Unlike Twitter, which is owned by a single company, Mastodon is run and maintained by its users. This means that if any entity wanted to acquire Mastodon, it would have to acquire each server individually— an impossibility.

It’s also important to note that even if an entity was able to acquire the software, it wouldn’t have control over the content. This is because each server has its own set of rules and moderation policies. This means that even if someone was to buy out the Mastodon software, they wouldn’t be able to control what content gets shared.

Mastodon may be a lot different from Twitter, but it is still a great platform for those looking to break away from corporate-owned networks. With a decentralized ownership structure and an open-source license, Mastodon is a safe bet for those looking to join an independent network.

Beyond Twitter, Mastodon offers a unique experience that is sure to continue growing in popularity as users continue to seek alternatives to corporate-owned networks.

Mastodon’s Ownership Isn’t Centralized

While Eugen Rochko is the official creator of Mastodon, its success is due in large part to its open-source nature which allows anyone to set up their own server and join the ever-growing network of interconnected microblogging sites. Thanks to this freedom and openness, Mastodon has grown, giving users an alternative to corporate-owned and centralized networks.


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