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What Is Cloudflare WARP? Should You Use It?
December 20, 2022

What Is Cloudflare WARP? Should You Use It?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Worried about lags when connecting to a VPN? Or about how much securing your connection costs? WARP is a great option for you.

Cloudflare WARP is technically a VPN, but it is not precisely like any commercial VPN service. So, what is unique about it? How does it work? Should you use it over your traditional VPN app?

Fortunately, you do not have to be a tech whizz to understand what Cloudflare WARP actually is or how to use it.

Cloudflare WARP: What Is It?

WARP is a VPN that helps you connect to the internet utilizing Cloudflare’s DNS while simultaneously optimizing and securing (i.e. encrypting) your connection. is one of the fastest and most secure DNS options.

You can use a single app to equip your connection with both WARP and DNS. So you get the best of both worlds with quick access.

Unlike traditional VPN services, Cloudflare uses its massive network of servers across the globe to give you the fastest experience possible, even if your connection is slow. Usually, your connection speed takes a hit when you use a VPN; it is the opposite with Cloudflare WARP.

Cloudflare’s technology ensures that your connection is reliable and stable. It started as an initiative to fix internet performance and security for mobiles, so, compared to a commercial VPN service, it would drain less of your battery and ensure you get faster network response time.

Cloudflare WARP is available for Android, iOS, and desktop platforms, including Linux, Windows, and with macOS support.

Is Cloudflare WARP Free? What Is WARP+?

Cloudflare specializes in providing a free tier for all kinds of technologies introduced. WARP is not an exception.

You can access all of its benefits entirely for free. There are no bandwidth limitations or caps on usage.

However, Cloudflare offers a WARP+ subscription to provide an even faster experience using its Argo network. With its help, it detects real-time network congestion and routes the traffic to give you a seamless browsing experience.

The fee for WARP+ varies by region, but it is minimal compared to typical VPN subscription prices. Cloudflare aims to keep this technology accessible to most without breaking the bank. For instance, in India, subscriptions cost about $1 per month.

Is WARP a Replacement for VPN?

Yes and no.

WARP encrypts your network and optimizes it for the best speed. It uses a UDP-based protocol that fits perfectly for smartphones and works fine for desktops as well.

For some, it can be a replacement for a VPN; for others, it may not be a suitable option.

WARP encrypts your traffic and the DNS queries., meaning your network remains secure, and your Internet Service Provider cannot spy on your activities. The app you use to access WARP also gives you the option to utilize a DNS-over-HTTPS connection, which keeps your DNS queries private.

However, it does not necessarily mask your IP address. If you want to appear to be visiting a website or a service from another country, you cannot do that with Cloudflare WARP. It unblocks access to some platforms, but your IP address may not be hidden from services you intend to access.

A traditional VPN service helps you protect your IP address. So a VPN will suit you better if you want to hide your identity from websites and other services while having an encrypted network connection. You can always check out some of the best free VPNs available.

Should You Use Cloudflare WARP?

If you do not want the hassle of installing a fully-fledged VPN service, draining the battery of your smartphone, or paying subscriptions upwards of $5 to $10 a month, Cloudflare WARP is for you. It is a no-brainer because Cloudflare WARP comes with many benefits without you needing to spend a dime.

It provides you with the essentials for online privacy and keeps your network secure for free. As a bonus, you get a faster experience with WARP compared to a traditional VPN service.

That said, Cloudflare WARP is not a complete replacement for other VPNs, so evaluate your use cases before deciding to pick one.


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