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These 81 robotics companies are hiring
May 21, 2024

These 81 robotics companies are hiring

Reading Time: 2 minutes

While it’s true that the industry has seen ups and downs in terms of both funding and hiring in recent years, there’s never been a more exciting time to be in robotics. Whether it’s established categories like manufacturing and fulfillment or emerging verticals like humanoids and home robotics, things are moving faster than ever.

What strikes me the most when compiling these lists, however, is not just the fact that there are more openings every time. It’s also the breadth of categories that robotics currently touches. It’s a great time to be involved in the space, because in the near future, robotics is going to impact every aspect of our lives.

Advanced Construction Robotics (1 role)
Aescape (7 roles)
Allvision (2 roles)
Ally Robotics (2 roles)
Ambi Robotics (1 role)
Ansys (30 roles)
ANYbotics AG (15 roles)
Anyware Robotics (6 roles)
Apptronik (14 roles)
Aqua Satellite (1 role)
Astrobotic (15 roles)
Atomic Machines (16 roles)
Aurora (87 roles)
Baubot (8 roles)
BEA Sensors (2 roles)
Beacon AI (6 roles)
Berkshire Grey (20 roles)
Bloomfield Robotics (2 roles)
Bonsai Robotics (8 roles)
Burro/Augean Robotics (5 roles)
CapSen Robotics (2 roles)
Carbon Robotics (1 role)
Carnegie Robotics (1 role)
Chef Robotics (14 roles)
Civ Robotics (3 roles)
Collaborative Robotics (14 roles)
CreateMe Technologies (2 roles)
Deeplocal (3 roles)
Dexory (6 roles)
Digital Dream Labs (4 roles)
Edge Case Research (2 roles)
Engineered Arts (1 role)
ESTAT Actuation (1 role)
Exotec (16 roles)
Eye-Bot (3 roles)
Farm-ng (2 roles)
Formic (10 roles)
Formlogic (12 roles)
Four Growers (5 roles)
Foxglove (2 roles)
Gather AI (4 roles)
Gecko Robotics (20 roles)
Glacier (2 roles)
GrayMatter Robotics (20 roles)
HEBI (1 role)
Hellbender (6 roles)
Identified Technologies (5 roles)
InOrbit (1 role)
iotamotion (5 roles)
KEF Robotics (3 roles)
Latitude (21 roles)
LightYX (2 roles)
Mapless AI (3 roles)
Mine Vision Systems (4 roles)
National Robotics Engineering Center (2 roles)
Neya Systems (7 roles)
Onward Robotics (4 roles)
Outrider (25 roles)
PaintJet (5 roles)
PassiveLogic (10 roles)
Pipedream (5 roles)
Plus (10 roles)
Plus One Robotics (1 role)
Point One Navigation (5 roles)
Pudu Robotics (2 roles)
Robust AI (13 roles)
Sanctuary AI (19 roles)
Scythe Robotics (9 roles)
SeeGRID (30 roles)
Slip Robotics (8 roles)
ST Engineering Aethon (5 roles)
Stack AV (24 roles)
Stratom (8 roles)
Swarmbotics AI (2 roles)
TDK Qeexo (8 roles)
Titan Robotics (3 roles)
Vecna Robotics (6 roles)
Vention (21 roles)
Volley Automation (12 roles)
WindBorne Systems (12 roles)
Wootzano (2 roles)


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