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The Coolest iOS Features We Got in 2022
December 22, 2022

The Coolest iOS Features We Got in 2022

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Apple played its cards right with the iOS software updates throughout 2022. Here, we’ll list some of the coolest features iPhone users got.

Apple’s hardware releases get almost all the media attention, especially if it’s an iPhone. As impressive as the iPhone 14 Pro is, Apple didn’t overlook the software part of it.

At WWDC 2022, Apple introduced iOS 16, which brought many new features to the iPhone, and before that, even iOS 15 received some great quality-of-life improvements.

Here, we’ll look back at 2022 and discuss some of the best iOS features Apple gave us to improve the iPhone experience.

Face ID With a Mask

COVID-19 forced us to wear masks to protect ourselves, which caused a problem for users who owned iPhones with Face ID hardware. Fortunately, with iOS 15.4, Apple allowed us to use Face ID with a mask, allowing you to unlock your iPhone without having to take your mask off.

This feature is available if you have an iPhone 12 or later running iOS 15.4. However, it allows you to unlock your iPhone with Face ID but does not authorize transactions or App Store downloads. Additionally, Apple provided the option to use an alternate appearance to unlock your iPhone with glasses.

Lock Screen Customization

Apple’s iOS 16 update was a game changer, and the Lock Screen customization has been the talk of the town since its announcement. After years of waiting, Apple finally allowed us to personalize our Lock Screen.

You can customize your Lock Screen wallpaper and clock style and add widgets. And some wallpapers also let you take advantage of a new Depth Effect with the clock between the subject and background.

You can customize your Lock Screen by going to Settings > Wallpapers if you are on iOS 16. Although Apple didn’t implement it the same way as Android, it is an excellent addition to iPhones.

Live Activities

Live Activities is an iOS 16 feature that allows you to keep track of real-time data on your Lock Screen. You can use Live Activities to quickly check sports scores or track your deliveries without having to open the app itself.

Apple didn’t make Live Activities available until iOS 16.1, but we’re glad we got it sooner rather than later. Following its release, many third-party developers integrated it into their apps. So, feel free to check out some of the best apps that support Live Activities on iPhone.

Separate Background and Subject in Photos

With iOS 16, Apple added multiple new features to the Photos app, but one of them is an improvement to the Visual Lookup feature we got with iOS 15 in 2021. It allows you to remove the background of any image on your iPhone.

Simply tap and hold the subject of a photo to reveal two options: Copy and Share. Tapping the Copy option copies the subject to your clipboard, while tapping the Share option lets you send it via AirDrop, Messages, or other social media apps.

It works flawlessly to remove any photo’s background without using any third-party tools. This feature is available on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later models with iOS 16.

Edit and Undo Sent Messages

There are times when you accidentally send something or mistype something. Apple finally addressed this issue and decided to fix it. With iOS 16, you can easily edit and unsend messages in iMessage.

You can tap and hold the message and select the Edit option if you want to edit the message or select the Undo Send option to delete the message. No matter what option you choose, know that others can see if you edited or deleted a message.

Also, we’d like to quickly point out that Apple only gives you 15 minutes to edit or unsend messages, after which the options will be unavailable.

Live Text in Videos

First introduced in 2021 alongside iOS 15, Live Text lets you extract text from images. Apple decided to improve this feature in iOS 16 by adding Live Text support in videos. As a result, you can now extract text from photos and videos, provided you’re viewing them in acompatible app like Photos, Quick Look, or Safari.

All you need to do is pause any video and copy the text visible on the video. Apart from copying, you can use Look Up, translate text, or search the web using the extracted text. Also, Apple released it to Mac, making it one of the coolest macOS features in 2022.

Haptic Feedback for Keyboard

Apple introduced the Taptic Engine with iPhone 7, which improved over the years. While some third-party keyboard apps have supported it, Apple did not enable it on the stock iOS keyboard.

Fortunately, in 2022, Apple used the Taptic Engine to bring haptic feedback to the default iOS keyboard. Now, when you tap a key, it gives you a little feedback. The best part is that it works in silent mode too.

However, you’ll need to enable this feature on your iPhone first. To do this, go to Settings > Sound & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback and select the Haptic option. Remember that your iPhone’s battery will drain faster with haptics turned on.

Lock Hidden and Recently Deleted Albums in Photos

Apple introduced the Recently Deleted and Hidden albums alongside iOS 14 in 2020, which allowed users to access their hidden or recently deleted photos and videos.

Even though these are sensitive albums, Apple forgot to include the option to lock them. Fortunately, as long as you have an iPhone that runs iOS 16, Apple allows you to lock these folders with Face ID or Touch ID.

So every time you want to open the Hidden or Recently Deleted album, you’ll have to authenticate it with Face ID or Touch ID. You can enable this option by going to Settings > Face ID and enabling the Use Face ID option.

Personalized Spatial Audio

Apple introduced Spatial Audio with iOS 14, allowing you to listen to three-dimensional audio on supported apps and hardware. Over time, Spatial Audio evolved and brought head tracking, which follows your head with the audio.

However, Apple took it further with Personalized Spatial Audio in iOS 16. It scans your face and ears with the TrueDepth camera on your iPhone to create a personalized head-tracking experience.

It might not look like a significant change, but you’ll notice the difference when you listen to Dolby Atmos audio with compatible headphones.

A Fascinating Year for iOS

In the end, 2022 was an exciting year for iOS. From adding minor quality-of-life features like using Face ID with a mask to revamping the Lock Screen entirely, Apple played its cards right.

We can’t cover everything the iPhone maker introduced, but these were some of the coolest iOS features we got in 2022. Apart from the software enhancements, Apple also released some exciting products in 2022.


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