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Need to Fix a Blurry Image? Try These 5 Online Tools
January 25, 2023

Need to Fix a Blurry Image? Try These 5 Online Tools

Reading Time: 4 minutes

If your image is blurry, don’t get rid of it just yet. Try these online tools to fix it.

If you’ve ever taken a fantastic photo only to find that it’s blurry and the moment has passed, you’ve likely wished that you could somehow save the photo. Well, with advances in AI and photo editing technology, that is possible.

There are a variety of online tools and services that allow you to remove blur from your images and render them usable for years to come. Here are five of the best options to consider.

1. VanceAI Image Sharpener

First up on this list, we have VanceAI Image Sharpener. If you’re looking for a great little tool that can get you some pretty impressive results, then VanceAI is a good option.

VanceAI, as you might have guessed from its name, uses AI to try and make blurry images clear in just one click. It has a variety of different modes to fry and tackle the plethora of ways that an image can be out of focus, including options to remove motion blur, fix out-of-focus images, and overall sharpening techniques.

The results here are honestly quite impressive, though there are some instances where objects begin to appear almost too clear, reaching an almost uncanny valley effect. With that being said, you’re unlikely to be disappointed in the results that you get here.

VanceAI displays the before and after images side-by-side for easy comparison, and the after images are noticeably clearer and sharper than they would be otherwise.

It’s worth noting that VanceAI is free to use for your first two images, but after that requires the purchase of credits in order to continue downloading images. This might be an issue if you’re planning to batch-process images but don’t want to pay.

2. PicWish

Next up on the list is PicWish’s Unblur and Sharpen tool. If you’re looking for something that will do a solid job without too much fuss, then PicWish is a great option.

The process is super simple. All you have to do is upload your blurry image, and the web service will automatically unblur it as best it can. This is a much quicker and easier process than learning how to unblur an image yourself.

The results here are good. PicWish makes the image noticeably less blurry, and it’s easy to tell thanks to its before and after slider. You can drag this bar across the screen, allowing you to easily compare the before and after of your image, which is super handy to see what PicWish is doing to your image.

To download your no longer blurry image, all you have to do is sign up for an account. Once you’re signed up and logged in, PicWish will allow you to download the images.

There’s an upscaling feature as well, which lets you to upscale your images up to 2048×2048, though it’s worth noting that this is the limit that PicWish has for all uploads. This means that if you upload an image larger than this, PicWish will downsize it in order to remove the blur.

3. Image Sharpener

If you’re looking for something that will let you quickly and easily sharpen a blurry image, and then download it without any sign-ups or premium packages, is a good solution. works pretty simply, with a few caveats. You can’t upload files larger than 5MB, for example, and can only upload images from your computer.

With that being said, works quickly and effectively to produce a sharper image. The results aren’t the most impressive on this list, but it does work to somewhat reduce the blurriness of an image.

There’s a before and after button that you can click to see the difference, toggling between the two helps to see how has managed to sharpen your image.

The best part here, however, is that you can easily download your image with just a single click. The whole process is super quick and easy, which is great if you’re in a hurry and aren’t too fussed with the results.

4. Fotor

Next, we have Fotor. This image editing suite has a huge range of different options, which also includes image unblurring. If you’re wanting to do further edits, or just want something with impressive results, then Fotor is a great choice.

Using Fotor is actually quite simple, though the UI is a little bit cluttered and can get overwhelming the first time that you use it. But if you follow the link to Fotor’s unblur tool and upload your image, then the web service will automatically remove the blur from your image for you.

The tool comes with a before and after slider, which is super handy for seeing exactly what’s been accomplished, and the results themselves are quite impressive. The images look extremely crisp without looking overly edited, and the file size limit is higher than some of the other options on this list at 4000×4000.

It’s worth noting, however, that the only way to download your image from Fotor is to subscribe to the service or start a free trial. On top of this, Fotor displays a watermark over the image, but there are online tools to remove a watermark from an image.

5. PineTools

Finally, we have PineTools. If you’re looking for something that gives you some more control, then PineTools might just be what you need.

PineTools is slightly different from many of the entries on this list in that it puts the power in your hands to try and sharpen your image. It does this by allowing you to choose the size of the convolution masks that it’s using, as well as the strength of the overall effect.

The effect itself isn’t quite as impressive as some of the other options here, though you may be able to find more success with it if you find the perfect settings for your image. If the other options on this list aren’t working, then PineTools is another way to fix your blurry pictures, so give it a try.

Moreover, the tool doesn’t have any file upload size limit, and you can download your sharpened images without having to sign up for anything or pay for a premium account.

Blurry Photos Can Be Saved

As you can see, there are a variety of different online tools out there that let you save your blurry photos. Some of the results are honestly impressive, so if your photos are quite blurry, there’s still hope to fix them.


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