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Make the Holiday Season Merrier With Amazon Alexa’s Christmas Skills
December 21, 2022

Make the Holiday Season Merrier With Amazon Alexa’s Christmas Skills

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Get into the spirit of Christmas with some fun and entertaining skills from Alexa.

It’s time to make merry with Christmas and New Year celebrations in the air. The fun of parties and catching up with friends, the festive mood, and the excitement of the holidays—everything adds up to a fascinating experience.

This season you can ensure even merrier times for your family with your virtual assistant Alexa. Check out some of Amazon Alexa’s Christmas skills we have rounded up for you and prepare to enjoy the fun, laughter, music, and madness.

1. Santa

Just say ‘Alexa, ask Santa Claus for the time.’

And it’ll be Santa, not Alexa telling you the time in his jolly voice. Then the magic of this skill will begin with Alexa asking you whether you’d like Santa to perform various things for you to enjoy.

There is so much fun in store—Santa can randomly generate your Elf name, which could be as funny as Perfect Elf Tinseltoes, update you on the weather at the North Pole, narrate a Christmas story for your little ones, and play carols for you.

You can enjoy Santa beatboxing the Jingle Bells song, amuse you with his cracker jokes, read you the North Pole news, and sing the Mince Pie song and many other numbers. Moreover, he wants you to be healthy too, and will help you meditate, do yoga, and get you to work out with him.

Undoubtedly, this is one of Alexa’s best Christmas skills to keep your family and kids engaged and entertained.

If you like to keep the conversations going on with Santa, you could even turn Alexa into Santa Claus.

2. Sounds Like Christmas

Just say ‘Alexa, open Sounds Like Christmas.’

Here is a Christmas-themed game you can play with friends and family or enjoy alone.

Alexa will play Christmas sounds one by one, and you need to identify them correctly. It sounds simple and fun, but you will experience the challenge as Alexa will keep changing the rules from time to time.

The correct answer to a sound changes with each new rule the game elf digs up in Santa’s bag. How long can you and your family remember them all correctly?

A fun game to play under the Christmas Tree, this festive brain teaser will jog your memory and keep you in good spirits.

3. Christmas Facts

Just say ‘Alexa, open Christmas Facts.’

Your virtual assistant Alexa also has a treasure chest of Christmas facts and will surprise you with some interesting information.

Loaded with over 200 cool and often unknown Christmas facts, this skill is perfect for your holiday parties and to educate your kids about their favorite festival.

Your family will enjoy learning some amazing facts, like Christmas cakes which are known as plum cakes, have no plums in them. Raisins were known as plums in medieval times, and the ingredients were stirred in an East to West direction similar to that of the journey of the Three Wise Men.

4. WBCL Christmas Stream

Just say ‘Alexa, ask W. B. C. L. Christmas Stream what’s playing.’

Let Alexa surround you with the musical magic of the Christmas season. The WBCL Christmas Stream is perfect to enjoy uplifting Christmas music from old favorites like Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, and Nat King Cole and new favorites like MercyMe, Danny Gokey, and Mandisa.

Moreover, you and your family will have a memorable time listening to Stocking Stuffer segments with Scott Tsuleff and the history of Christmas past and present.

You will love this skill and the Christmas joy it brings—so much so that you might tune in 24/7.

If you’re looking for more Christmas music to fill your world, you can check out our collection of royalty-free Christmas music, all legal and free to download.

5. Guess the Christmas Song

Just say ‘Alexa, open Guess the Christmas Song.’

We all have our favorite Christmas songs that remind us of happy holidays and great times. And this simple game will have you guessing some such famous songs.

Alexa will play you small bits of the songs, one at a time. You will then get four possible answers to guess the right song. To make your guess, speak out the number of the song. The more you play, the better you will get at it. You might even discover new Christmas songs that you never heard before.

This game will be a great pastime and keep the holiday spirit buzzing in your home.

6. Christmas Escape

Just say ‘Alexa, open Christmas Escape.’

How often do you get to play Santa and solve a challenge to make your escape? Christmas Escape lets you do all that and more.

Yes, you as Santa are trapped in a house on Christmas night while all the children await your arrival for their toys and presents. You get three actions to play the game—you can look in a particular direction to move further, inspect a place or an object, and use an item on another object.

The actions lead to more interesting commands like you could be prompted to open an object with a secret code. Moreover, you also can ask for help to remind you of the items in your possession.

Christmas Escape is a challenging game that everyone in your family will enjoy. Together, you can try various actions to work your way out to deliver Christmas presents to kids.

7. Christmas Movies

Just say ‘Alexa, open Christmas Movies.’

A great way to spend the holidays together is by watching Christmas movies that amplify the festive spirit.

You may have seen many popular ones like the Elf. However, if you are in the mood to watch some overlooked and often underrated Christmas movies, Alexa will offer you a few suggestions.

Alexa will share a fact or the storyline of a movie and let you know who’s starring in it. Then just check it on our preferred platform or Google it for reviews to watch and enjoy.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to watch some classics, check out our suggestions of the best Christmas movies on YouTube.

8. Merry Christmas

Just say ‘Alexa, ask Merry Christmas for some cheer.’

And Alexa will say ‘Cheers,’ and spread some Christmas cheer for all to hear. There are heartwarming blessings, things to be thankful for, the true meaning of Christmas, and more.

You and your family will cherish the time listening to these sayings that serve as good reminders for the Christmas season. Plus there are precious little lessons for children like ‘Christmas is not a date, but a state of mind,’ and ‘Christmas, my child is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give is Christmas.’

Alexa will keep asking if you want to listen to more Christmas cheer. Just say ‘Yes’ and enjoy some more.

Have a Merrier Christmas With Alexa

Now you know how Alexa can enhance the fun of the festivities and make the holidays memorable in many smart ways. So try out these cool skills and have a merrier Christmas this season.

With the New Year around the corner, you would have planned many new things and goals to achieve. You could explore a few ways by which Alexa can keep you motivated and going strong in the year ahead.


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