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Is BoohooMAN Legit? A Guide to Shopping Safely
December 21, 2022

Is BoohooMAN Legit? A Guide to Shopping Safely

Reading Time: 4 minutes

BoohooMAN is a men’s online clothing retailer, but you might have seen some negative reviews. So can you trust BoohooMAN?

Have you been considering buying clothes from BoohooMAN but aren’t sure if it’s safe? As with any online store, they have mixed reviews on the quality of their service, but with such a range on offer, you’re surely still tempted to give it a go.

Is it safe to purchase from BoohooMAN? Does the website offer a refund? And will their service meet your expectations?

BoohooMAN: A Quick Overview is a clothing and accessories website for men. According to the website’s About Us, the website was inspired by, a leading online fashion retailer. Boohoo Group PLC is the company that owns both brands.

The clothing options on cater to all genders. However, BoohooMAN primarily targets the menswear market. One thing that sets the website apart from others is its collection of cutting-edge designs that are also reasonably priced. Almost every other item on the website is greatly discounted.

But is the website safe to shop on?

Is BoohooMAN Legit?

A website must check some boxes to be considered legitimate and safe for shopping. So is BoohooMAN a safe website to shop online? Let’s find out.

  • For a company to be considered trustworthy, it must offer a refund policy, as any legit company would. As BoohooMAN is evident in its return policy, it meets the first criteria.
  • The second thing that makes a business safe to shop at is to support trusted payment methods. The fact that BoohooMAN accepts credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal increases its trustworthiness among customers, especially those who use credit cards to shop online.
  • A reliable brand must also offer dedicated customer support. BoohooMAN provides this support for customer queries even after sales, which makes it a trustworthy brand.

Besides the above checks, the website is backed by a well-known company, Boohoo Group PLC, which has been operating for nearly two decades. Moreover, since the parent company runs other similar famous brands, you can feel confident shopping there. But that’s not the end of this story.

Do BoohooMAN Products Have Good Quality?

Being a reputable brand, the company claims to maintain high-quality standards despite its low sale prices. According to their vision, they aim to lead the global e-commerce market. It is, therefore, reasonable to expect them to treat customers as kings. Nevertheless, whether you will like their service is dependent on what type of product you will purchase and your personal preferences.

On Trustpilot, many customers have praised the company for offering high-quality products at a fraction of the price, yet others have complaints. Because it depends on what type of product you order and on your budget, the quality of the products you get is impossible to predict.

BoohooMAN Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

When shopping for the first time from a brand, you should always check to see how satisfied previous customers are. On Trustpilot, the average rating for BoohooMAN is 3.5 out of 5.0 based on over 6500 reviews. So it appears that the brand has more satisfied customers than unhappy ones.

Customers who were dissatisfied with the service complained about:

  • Incorrect sizes delivered by the brand.
  • Taking much longer than expected to receive the delivery.
  • Long processing time for refunds.
  • Unhelpful customer support.

Besides the above, there are a few complaints about the quality of the products. However, we were astonished that a BoohooMAN representative responded to most Trustpilot complaints and worked to resolve a few of them. It suggests that the brand cares about its customers.

Is Boohoo the Same as Shein?

Boohoo and Shein follow the same model of online retailing and offer amazing clothing collections at an affordable price so that everyone can afford them. However, both brands are owned by separate companies based in different countries. Shein is a Chinese retailer, while Boohoo is a British brand.

But is Shein also safe to shop at? Yes, it is—with caveats. Both brands have a good reputation and are putting pressure on existing brands, even those with physical stores.

Tips to Shop Smartly at BoohooMAN

BoohooMAN is a safe place to shop, offers incredibly affordable items at massive discounts, and has all the typical advantages of shopping online. However, you still need to take sensible precautions. Before you buy anything from BoohooMAN, you should keep these tips in mind to ensure you don’t regret your purchase:

  • Before placing an order, double-check the sizes you’re ordering and ensure the selected size is in stock.
  • Before buying anything, always read the reviews on the listing. If other customers weren’t impressed by a specific item, you should look at other options.
  • Don’t take an excessively cheap route. BoohooMAN offers some products at insanely low prices. There’s a risk, though, that a product with an extremely low price might not be of high quality. Stay within the mid-range budget.
  • Don’t let delivery delays ruin your enjoyment of dressing up for special occasions or buying gifts. Order ahead of time.
  • Refunds can take a long time to process. So, if you’re on a tight budget and winter is fast approaching, don’t expect an instant refund from BoohooMAN before switching to another retailer.
  • Read the return policy page carefully. Never use the item if you find something is wrong with it. Don’t even remove the stickers. Also, remember to keep track of the days left before you get a refund.

How to Contact BoohooMAN Customer Support

While BoohooMAN offers different ways to contact customer support, the easiest is through their website. Visit the BoohooMAN website, and click the chat icon in the lower right corner. Initially, you will be greeted by an automated virtual assistant. After selecting the appropriate options, you’ll be transferred to an actual BoohooMAN representative who will assist you.

Buy From BoohooMAN or Try Alternatives?

Buying from a website for the first time is hard, which is why many new shoppers hesitate. Hopefully, you will now have a better understanding of BoohooMAN and can decide whether to shop there. The brand is worth a try, but when you do, be sure you shop smartly to make the most of it.


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