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How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord
December 23, 2022

How to Set a Custom Playing Status on Discord

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Discord displays an activity status whenever you launch a game. Here’s how you can edit and customize that status to your preference.

Discord is a communication platform especially developed for gamers. As a result, many of its features incline toward gamers and their needs, such as support for streaming and the activity status.

Whenever you launch a game (or another program) alongside Discord, it adds a status displaying the program name and duration for which you’ve been playing the game.

Here’s how you can enable the activity status on Discord and customize it to suit your needs.

Enable the Activity Status on Discord

The activity status comes in handy when you want to live stream a game in Discord voice channels or simply let others know that you’re busy gaming.

To turn on the Discord activity status:

  1. Click on the Gear icon next to your username (located at the bottom left).
  2. Select Activity status from the left sidebar.
  3. Enable the option that says Display current activity as a status message.

Most of the time, Discord automatically detects and adds a status for the games running on your computer, but you can also add more programs, by clicking Add It.

How to Customize the Discord Playing Status

You might have noticed your friends playing unreleased games or strange programs (like GTA VII). If you’ve ever wondered how you can achieve the same, it’s dead easy. Here’s how to customize the playing status on Discord:

  1. Launch a program and keep it running in the background (WordPad recommended).
  2. Switch to Discord and add the program to the Activity status, as discussed previously.
  3. The status that said ‘No game detected‘ will now turn green and display the program name.
  4. Click on the program name and change it to something else; ‘Red Dead Redemption 3,’ for example.
  5. The change will be reflected in your activity status in real-time.

Note that Discord will automatically add a program icon next to the status if it recognizes the game name.

To verify the change, switch to a server and click on your username from the right sidebar.

When you want to remove the game from your status, you can either close the program or go to User Settings > Registered Games and click the Cross icon next to the active status.

You can also display your current activity by setting a custom Discord status.

Surprise Your Discord Friends by Playing Random Games

You can either choose to keep your gaming activity to yourself or add a status every time you start playing a game. Discord offers you that control, and the final choice depends on you. You can also set a custom activity status on Discord and play (not really) unreleased games to leave your friends awestruck.

If you’re running out of games to play remotely with your friends, check out Discord Games Lab, a server offering you a multitude of casual games to play while chattering on voice channels.


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