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How to play ‘Fortnite’ on iPhone
June 7, 2024

How to play ‘Fortnite’ on iPhone

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Not on the Apple App Store? No problem!

Playing Fortnite on your iPhone is difficult these days considering the game isn’t available on the Apple App Store anymore.

Due to legal issues between Apple and Fortnite developers Epic Games, the hit battle-royale shooter is no longer available to download directly from the Apple App Store (unless you’re in the EU). However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play it on your phone.

How to play Fortnite on iPhone

While it’s not as easy as before, here’s how you can get started with Xbox’s XCloud, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

Xbox’s XCloud

  1. Create an Xbox/Microsoft Account

  2. Access Fortnite on XCloud

    • Open your iPhone and go to the Fortnite page on XCloud.

  3. Start Playing

    • Click ‘Play,’ and if you aren’t using a controller, select ‘Continue Anyway’ to start the game.

Amazon Luna

To use Amazon Luna, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership, but you can start with a free trial if you aren’t already subscribed.

  1. Visit the Luna Page for Fortnite

    • On your iPhone, navigate to the Luna page dedicated to Fortnite.

  2. Play Free with Prime

    • Click the ‘Play free with Prime’ button.

  3. Sign In and Start Playing

    • Sign in with your Amazon account, link your Epic account, and hit ‘Start’ to dive into the game.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now

GeForce Now allows you to stream Fortnite for free, but limits playtime to one hour — unless you upgrade to a Premium subscription.

  1. Navigate to the Fortnite Page on GeForce Now

    • Open the GeForce Now page for Fortnite on your iPhone.

  2. Log In

    • Sign in with your free or paid Nvidia account.

  3. Play the Game

    • Click ‘Play’ and the game will launch, allowing you to start playing Fortnite immediately.

With these options, you don’t need to rely on the Apple App Store to play Fortnite on your iPhone.


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