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How to Enhance Old Online Videos With Opera’s Lucid Mode
December 20, 2022

How to Enhance Old Online Videos With Opera’s Lucid Mode

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Use Opera’s Lucid mode feature to enhance online videos with subtle sharpness and color.

High-definition videos have turned us away from videos that don’t offer the same details. Opera’s Lucid mode is a browser feature that seeks to enhance video and images with a single click. This article will show you how to switch on Lucid mode and see if the reality supports the claim from Opera.

What Is Lucid Mode?

Lucid mode is a video enhancement feature in Opera. As stated, it claims to improve the quality of online videos and images by boosting sharpness and clarity. Lucid mode works on all online videos from, for example, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

It’s not a magic button; instead, it uses your PC’s GPU hardware acceleration and a CSS sharpening filter under the hood.

The video enhancement is disabled by default, but you can enable it in three ways.

Enable (and Disable) Opera Lucid Mode

It’s easy to enable and disable Lucid mode with the three methods provided by Opera. You can set it up to work across all online videos or enable it for individual videos with the third option (the Lucid mode button overlay).

  1. Select the Easy setup (to open the sidebar) > Lucid mode > Toggle Sharpen videos on all sites and/or Sharpen images on all sites.
  2. Enter opera://settings/lucidMode in the address bar to display the Lucid mode options.
  3. Play a video and select the Lucid mode button overlay to enhance the video or switch it off.

Note: The Lucid mode overlay button doesn’t appear on a full-screen YouTube video.

Does Lucid Mode Help?

As Opera’s official video shows, Lucid mode does make those older YouTube videos look better by boosting the sharpness and brightness. As long as the online video is blurry, you will get some mileage. You also don’t have to depend on the many online and software video enhancers for casual video enjoyment. But it’s still an early iteration that may not always give you the best results. In our tests, there were several hits and misses. So, the best option would be to press the Lucid mode button overlay on selective videos instead of sharpening videos and images on all sites.


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