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‘Grim Dawn’: Tank Elemental Auradin Build Guide
January 22, 2023

‘Grim Dawn’: Tank Elemental Auradin Build Guide

Reading Time: 7 minutes

This Auradin build utilizes auras and powerful procs to deal passive damage and quickly clear areas. It can face tank almost all enemies in the game, including secret bosses, while still dealing competitive damage.

I have a strong preference for playing the Paladin class in role-playing games because of its versatility and resilience. With the right build, Paladin is able to deal high damage, withstand a significant amount of physical and magical attacks, and provide healing support to allies. These characteristics make the Paladin a formidable opponent and outstanding ally.

In Grimdawn, Auradin is a playstyle that involves activating multiple auras and utilizing powerful procs from items. This allows you to deal damage passively to anyone who is within range of your auras, allowing you to quickly clear areas.

This is my personal favorite Auradin build and I consider it to be my main character. The build allows you to face tank almost everything, including the most powerful secret bosses in the game, such as Callagadra and Ravager, while still being able to deal damage competitively. In addition to its tanking capabilities, the build can also support the party by providing buffs and crowd control.

General Concept

As mentioned earlier, the build involves combination of multiple auras and procs from equipment.

The build mainly deals elemental damage. Majority is fire and lightning, with some cold.

Aura of Censure is your primary aura based skill powered by Gaze of Empyrion helm and Mark of the Shadow Queen medal.

Your other source of damaging auras are from granted skills of Rune Armor of Ignaffar chest armor, Tainted Ruby of Gar'dal amulet, Empyrion's Mercy scepter, and 2 Seal of Blades component. Then chance to activate auras from Ring of Flame, Kilrian's Flame, Storm Titan and Ignaffar's Combustion.

Since you have multiple active auras that deals damage. It will continuously proc the granted skills from Reign of Ice and Fire ring, Dawnshard of Pauldrons shoulders, Cindertouch gloves, Cinderplate Girdle belt, and Ignaffar's Combustion relic.

Able to assist the party through the use of the abilities Word of Renewal and Inquisitor Seal.

The build has high health and maximum resistance to all types of damage when all toggled abilities are activated.

Not to mention, the build has multiple sources for reducing the enemy's elemental resistance and damage.


– Outstanding survivability.

– Competitive passive damage.

– Can take powerful bosses with ease.

– Good speed farming.


– Heavily relies on equipment.

– Relies on buffs. So beware of bosses that can remove all your buffs.

Speed Leveling

Start as the Inquisitor class and pick Word of Pain and Rune of Hagarrad. Max out these skills until you can unlock Aura of Censure. Then, get enough skill points for the Oathkeeper class to unlock Summon Guardian Empyrion and max out Celestial Presence. It's also very powerful early game to unlock Rhowan's Crown and attach Elemental Storm to Summon Guardian Empyrion

Depending upon the equipment that you collected, a max level of these mentioned skills can easily allow you to finish Normal difficulty and some parts of Elite difficulty. Prioritize equipping items that have a chance on attack attributes to deal fire, lightning, cold, or elemental damage. Slowly redistribute your skill points and follow the build indicated in this article as you reach level 50. Then, continue farming for the legendary items required for this build.


For this tank-focused build, it is recommended to allocate all points into Physique. Don't worry about Cunning and Spirit, as leveling up your class skills will provide sufficient points for your item requirements.

Inquisitor Skills

Mastery Bar (50 Points): Max out to unlock all available skills.

Aura of Censure (12 points): The central skill of this build is Aura of Censure, a multifaceted ability that excels in both offense and defense. Its passively inflicts damage, has the potential to interrupt enemy abilities, lowers the enemy's damage output, and reduces enemy's resistances.

Word of Renewal (12 points) – Vigor (10 points) – Steel Resolve (10 points): Serves as the core utility skill of the build. Along with its upgrade ‘Vigor and Steel Resolve,’ it offers several defensive benefits, including increased maximum health and elemental resistances. Additionally, it enhances elemental damage and provides healing capabilities.

Inquisitor Seal (12 points) – Arcane Empowerment (12 points): Support skill that provides damage absorption and deals damage simultaneously as long as you or someone from your party is within its area of effect. Upgrading it with Arcane Empowerment will also provide damage buff.

Horn of Gandarr (12 points): Although the skill deals significant damage thanks to Empyrion's Mercy converting its damage to an elemental type, its primary usefulness is in defensive play as it significantly reduces enemy damage and can cause confusion for crowd control.

Deadly Aim (1 point): One point wonder for your inquisitor skills. We didn't place much points here since you can't maximize this on bosses due to the build's average offensive ability.

Oathkeeper Skills

Mastery Bar (50 Points): Max out to unlock all available skills.

Summon Guardian of Empyrion (1 point) – Celestial Presence (12 points): You only need to invest one point and attach Elemental Storm to it for maximum effectiveness. The most important skill to max here is its aura, Celestial Presence, which functions similarly to your other damaging auras and can also reduce the enemy's elemental resistance.

Eye of Reckoning (16 points) – Soulfire (12 points): Aside from the continuous flow of damage it provides, Soulfire can significantly reduce the enemy's damage.

Ascension (12 points) – Clarity of Purpose (1 point): Your most powerful power-up skill, Ascension, significantly increases both the damage you deal and the damage you absorb. However, it has a long cooldown, so use this skill wisely.

Presence of Virtue (1 point) – Haven (10 points): You only need Haven here as it provides multiple defensive bonuses, such as increasing health, healing effects, shield block chance, and the amount of damage blocked by the shield.

Resilence (1 point): This build aims to provide defensive abilities, an increase in healing effects, and resistances, particularly physical, when the player's health drops below 66%. It can be especially helpful during tough situations as only very powerful enemies, like secret bosses, can bring this build's health below 66%.

Safeguard (1 point): One-point wonder that passively provides some boosts to damage and armor. As long as you're wearing a shield.


Important: You will need to reassign some of your devotion points to acquire the recommended devotions for this build.

  • Lion
  • Sailor's Guide
  • Lizard
  • Eel
  • Raven
  • Tortoise: The Turtle Shell ability provides damage absorption in case your health drops below 50%.
  • Harvestman's Scythe
  • Dryad: The Dryad's Blessing's ability provides a secondary source of healing in case Word of Renewal is on cooldown. It also increases your armor and provides a reduction to bleeding and poison duration.
  • Rhowan's Crown: The Elemental Storm ability is the only damage-oriented ability for this build. It deals large damage that can compete with some higher-tier constellations. Thanks to its four types of damage – elemental, burn, frostburn, and electrocute – it also reduces enemies' elemental resistance.
  • Obelisk of Menhir: Since there are only a limited number of devotion points, we were not able to complete the whole constellation for this build, as shown in the above screenshot. The important thing here is to prioritize unlocking the ability Stone Form, which grants a large amount of damage absorption.
  • Light of Empyrion: Its versatile ability allows it to deal damage, provide buffs, weaken enemies, and perform crowd control.
  • Tree of Life: The remaining 4 devotion points should be used to unlock the Healing Rain devotion, as shown in the above screenshot.



Mythical Empyrion's Mercy with Seal of Blades component and Malmouth's Heart augment. It grants an aura skill called Celestial Presence, which deals lightning damage and decreases opponents' resistances. The weapon also converts Horn of Gandarr to elemental damage and adds some elemental-based damage over time. It adds lightning damage to Eye of Reckoning and converts it to the mentioned element. The component attached grants an aura effect skill called Whirlwind Blades. Although it deals piercing damage, which is not part of the build, your other items will convert some of its piercing damage to elemental damage. It also increases the character's pierce resistance and armor.


Hyrian's Bulwark with Seal of Blades component and Malmouth's Heart augment. It grants +3 to two of your aura skills, Aura of Censure and Celestial Presence. It provides a generous increase to elemental, burn, frost burn, and electrocute damage and converts a large percentage of piercing damage to elemental damage. Speaking of piercing damage, this shield has the second source of Whirlwind Blades, which stacks with the first one from your weapon. Finally, the shield has a skill Hyrian's Claw, that deals elemental, burn, frostburn, and electrocute damage.


Gaze of Empyrion with Prismatic Diamond component and Bysmiel's Desert Barb augment. It grants generous amount of armor. More importantly, this helmet massively increases the radius of Aura of Censure by 4 more meters while also increasing the damage it deals. It also grants +1 to all Inquisitor and Oathkeeper skills and decreases the Ascension skill recharge.

Chest Armor

Mythical Rune Armor of Ignaffar with Kilrian's Shattered Soul component and Kingsguard Powder augment. The chest armor grants a skill called Ignaffar's Presence, a 5-meter aura effect skill that deals fire, lightning, and burn damage while also reducing the enemy's damage. The component attached to this armor can also activate an aura effect skill when hit called Kilrian's Flame, which can deal fire damage and grant attack damage converted to health.


Mythical Dawnshard Pauldrons with Sacred Plating component and Solael's Blood Binding augment. It has high armor and provides a large increase to maximum health and physical resistance. The most important attribute here is the chance-on-attack skill Dawnshard, which deals elemental damage and reduces the enemy's damage.


Cindertouch with Enchanted Earth component and Solael's Blood Binding augment. The gloves have a powerful proc skill called Cinderwind. A tornado-like effect that deals continuous fire and lightning damage to anything caught within its range. The skill also adds and converts lightning damage to Eye of Reckoning.


Mythical Hellforged Legplates with Ugdenbog Leather component and Bysmiel's Desert Barb augment. The pants have a 30% chance on hit to cast Ring of Flame, an aura effect skill that deals fire and burn damage.


Mythical Stormtitan Treads with Mark of Mogdrogen component and Bysmiel's Veiltouch augment. These boots offer generous defense bonuses and also grant an aura effect skill called Storm Titan, which triggers when hit. It deals lightning and electrocute damage while reducing enemy damage.


Cinderplate Girdle with Enchanted Earth component and Solael's Blood Binding augment. This belt has a proc skill called Magma Orb that deals fire and burn damage.


Mythical Tainted Ruby of Gar'dal with Runebound Topaz component and Osyr's Wisdom augment. Aside from adding +1 to all inquisitor skills, the amulet grants an aura-like skill called Flame of Gar'dal when toggled. It deals fire damage, grants 10% of attack damage to health, and slows affected enemies.


2 Mythical Reign of Ice and Fire with Runebound Topaz component and Osyr's Wisdom augment. These 2 rings are your source of most powerful proc. Elemental Force cast a continuous spiraling energy that deals fire and ice damage with chance to burn and frostburn enemies. It also grants 8% attack damage converted to health. That's a generous amount for a ring.


Mark of the Shadow Queen with Arcane Spark and Glyph of Disorder augment. The medal will add elemental damage to Aura of Censure as well as increasing its skill level by 2. We place Glyph of Disorder augment to allow faster travel time.


Ignaffar's Combustion. This medal generally complements well with this build. It increase elemental, burn, frostburn, and electrocute damage, increase all inquisitor skill by 1, and has an aura effect skill that triggers on proc, dealing fire and lightning damage, and reduces enemy's elemental resistance.

© 2023 Arc Sosangyo


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