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Geometry Dash Subzero: Full Achievement List
January 22, 2023

Geometry Dash Subzero: Full Achievement List

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here’s a list on how to unlock every achievement available in GD Subzero

Geometry Dash Subzero is a spin-off game that is supposed to show some of the new features that are coming to Geometry Dash in a 2.2 update. The game contains a 3 new levels which means there are a new icons and achievement included in the game. Up to date there are 21 achievement's on android and 12 achievements for the iOS version.

Achievement List

Here's a full list of achievements in Geometry Dash Subzero you can achieve:

  • Press Start! – Complete Press Start in Normal mode.
  • Nock Em! – Complete Nock Em in Normal mode.
  • Power Trip! – Complete Power Trip in Normal mode.
  • Ultimate Press Start – Collect all 3 coins on Press Start.
  • Ultimate Nock Em – Collect all 3 coins on Nock Em.
  • Ultimate Power Trip – Collect all 3 coins on Power Trip.
  • Coins?! – Collect 5 Secret Coins.
  • Bounce – Jump 1000 times.
  • I like jumping – Jump 10,000 times.
  • You jump like a pro! – Jump 20,000 times.
  • Trial and Error – Do 100 attempts.
  • Crash Tester – Do 500 attempts.
  • You Shall Not Pass! – Do 2000 attempts.
  • Number one fan! – Like Geometry Dash on Facebook.
  • GeometryTube – Subscribe to RobTop Games on YouTube.
  • Geometry Bird! – Follow RobTop Games on Twitter.
  • Rampage! – Destroy 1 player on the main menu.
  • Dominating! – Destroy 50 players on the main menu.
  • Ultrakill! – Destroy 100 players on the main menu.
  • Godlike! – Destroy 200 players on the main menu.

There's also a one special achievement that isn't listed in game's achievement list which is „supporter’. The Supporter achievement was officially unlocked by rating Geometry Dash Subzero on the App Store or Google Play Store. Now all you got to do is to click the green lock in icon kit and read the scratch's dialogue. The achievement won't be listed on achievement list after you unlock it.


Here are all the rewards you can get from completing all the achievements in GD Subzero:

Press Start!: 5th Cube icon

Nock Em!: 6th Cube icon

Power Trip!: 7th Cube icon

Ultimate Press Start: 8th Cube icon

Ultimate Nock Em: 9th Cube icon

Ultimate Power Trip: 10th Cube icon

Coins?!: 31th Cube icon

Bounce: Navy secondary colour

I like jumping: Bright yellow secondary colour

You jump like a pro!: White secondary colour

Trial and Error: Purple secondary colour

Crash Tester: Bright Pink secondary colour

You Shall Not Pass!: Gold/Orange secondary colour

Number one fan!: Bright purple secondary colour

GeometryTube: Dark green secondary colour

Geometry Bird!: Bright red secondary colour

Rampage!: Coral secondary colour

Dominating!: 41st Cube icon

Ultrakill!: Military green secondary colour

Godlike!: 39th Cube icon

The supporter achievement rewards the player with 13th Cube icon.

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