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CES 2024: The biggest transportation news, from Honda’s EVs to Hyundai’s air taxi ambitions
January 18, 2024

CES 2024: The biggest transportation news, from Honda’s EVs to Hyundai’s air taxi ambitions

Reading Time: 2 minutes

CES has increasingly become defined by what automakers and other mobility-focused companies bring to Las Vegas, and CES 2024 has been no exception. Though some major CES automotive players from past years like Ford, GM and Toyota didn’t have a big presence, other companies filled the gaps with EV reveals, flying vehicles and a lot of talk about ‘software-defined vehicles’ and generative AI.

Honda’s 0 series EVs, Saloon and Space-Hub concepts debut

If you’re tired of ‘thick, heavy’ EVs, Honda has an alternative vision for you. The carmaker showcased a more sleek design for its Saloon concept, while the Space-Hub takes a more family-friendly van approach. Beyond the concepts, Honda is targeting 2026 for a North American launch of the 0 series lineup. Check out our first look right here.

Pivotal starts selling its electric personal aircraft

Hyundai’s eVTOL aircraft sets sights on a 2028 launch

Supernal, a Hyundai subsidiary, showed off its new S-A2 electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft on the show floor. The craft is eventually intended to fuel a network of arial taxis through a partnership with Uber Elevate, though a rollout remains years away. The company intends to submit its proposal for FAA approval in 2025 with a launch targeted in 2028. Check out our interview with the Supernal team here.

Plus you can check out a more hands-on walkthrough of the aircraft below.

Volkswagen brings ChatGPT into its cars and SUVs

Just when you thought you could avoid a ChatGPT mention in this rundown, here it is: Volkswagen kicked off CES by announcing the AI chat bot would be added to its IDA voice assistant. Though like its standard form factor, the voice-powered ChatGPT could still be tricked, as we learned in a hands-on demo.

Kia’s modular EV lineup is revealed

Modular phones may have come and gone, but Kia hopes modular vehicles will have a bit more success. Both the electric powertrain and the vehicles’ tops are modular and connected through electromagnets. A three-row van, the Kia PV5, is targeting an approximate $35,000 price tag and a 2025 launch. Read our first impressions here.

Google Maps adds real-time battery information for EV owners

Android Auto will now provide a clear indication of your car’s charge state, along with suggested charging stops and an estimation of how much charge will remain once you reach your destination. Check out all the details, plus some additional trip planning updates, here.


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