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A Little About Wordle – a Fashionable Word Game, the Creator of Which Does Not Want to Earn Money on You
January 29, 2023

A Little About Wordle – a Fashionable Word Game, the Creator of Which Does Not Want to Earn Money on You

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hundreds of thousands of users are already discussing the project on social networks, although it began as entertainment for the developer’s family and, apparently, will remain so forever.

What is it all about?

Perhaps you are already breaking into the Twitter feed or other social networks with incomprehensible posts that look something like this:

These are users sharing their results in the popular game Wordle, the essence of which is just to guess the word by letters, which is in your ‘Field of Miracles’.

The game is very simple, but addictive, and it is discussed largely due to an unusual template for sharing the result: the tweet has the name of the game, the word number, the number of attempts and the history of attempts encoded using emoji tiles.

For example, in a tweet from above, the user guessed from three attempts, first correctly marking the second letter in the word, as well as guessing the third, but putting it in the wrong place.

Unlike the classic gallows, we do not guess one letter here, but are forced in every attempt to write into the cells any real word that exists. If there are letters in it that are present in the given word, they will be marked in green or yellow – depending on whether their serial number also converges.

An important note to keep in mind is that letters in words can be repeated. There are six attempts in total.

So, the features in brief:

  • Guess the English word of five letters.
  • There are six attempts in total.
  • Letters can be repeated.
  • To play you do not need to register or log in, go to the site and play.
  • In addition to the game itself, there is nothing on the site – advertising or other offers.
  • You can guess only one word a day.
  • You can share your result on social networks – brag that you quickly guessed, or complain that you have been stupid for too long.

To make it clearer, I'll show you how I just played it myself.

The first attempt suggested what the word might be, but unfortunately, these letters are not in the correct word at all. Let's move on.

On the second attempt, too.

I attacked the trail a little – I guessed the letter U, but it is not in its place. Digging further.

It's a small matter – if U is not in second place, then most likely in the middle. I assessed which letters were left, turned on the tongue – and almost guessed.

As a result, on the second attempt, he came to the right word.

At the end, they show pleasant statistics and hint that each next word should be waited for once a day.

A good tool to stretch your brain, and compete with friends or yourself. And another great example of the fact that in order to create something popular, you do not always need to come up with some innovations, it is enough to make a well-known concept with a soul.

A little about the history of the project was told in The New York Times: in a few months, the game reached from dozens of players to hundreds of thousands of users. It was invented by a developer from Brooklyn for his beloved. The creator's last name is Wardle, so the name of the game is kind of like humor (wordplay, haha).

At first, they played together, then the developer showed the game to relatives, and then decided to make it public. On November 1 last year, 90 people played it, two months later – already 300 thousand.

Wardle himself believes that the secret of popularity is just in simplicity – the site does not force you to register, does not show ads, does not force you to buy something, it is ‘just a fun game.’

Wardle purposely does not attach a link to the site to these tweets – it seems to him a ‘garbage’ decision, in addition, the aura of mystery only spurs interest in the project, he believes.

Wardle very much does not want to make money on the game or make a mobile application for it – he does not understand why the game can not be just fun without a catch.

The developer and his companion made a list of words together – they found about 12 thousand words of five letters in the English language, then chose from them those that were known to her.

There are about 2500 left. Moreover, users complain that there are too complex words, like REBUS (English ‘rebus’) and TAPIR (English ‘tapir’).

Fans of the game have already welded a clone that can be played more than once a day.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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