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A Complete Guide to Windows Narrator’s Legacy Keyboard Shortcuts
December 21, 2022

A Complete Guide to Windows Narrator’s Legacy Keyboard Shortcuts

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Do you prefer using the legacy keyboard

Narrator is a screen reader from Microsoft that assists with navigation and access to information. It reads text, provides voice assistance, and navigates screen content. Visually impaired or low-vision individuals can better comprehend what’s on their computer screens with its help.

In this article, we’ve put together a complete list of legacy keyboard shortcuts that you can use to make your Narrator experience more seamless.

How Do I Switch Between Legacy and Standard Keyboard Layouts?

There are two popular keyboard layouts for Narrator: Legacy and Standard. The Legacy keyboard layout was traditionally used on computers before the widespread adoption of the Standard layout. It’s still in use today and offers advantages at certain times.

If you are using one of these layouts and wish to switch to the other, follow these steps:

  1. Press Win + Ctrl + N on your keyboard.
  2. Scroll down to the Mouse and keyboard section.
  3. Select Keyboard layout from the drop-down menu.

This way, you can switch between the Legacy and Standard layouts.

While this piece just covers the shortcuts, be sure to check out the beginner’s guide to Narrator for more general tips.

All the Narrator Legacy Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Narrator to maximize your productivity.

Get More Out of Windows Narrator

Windows Narrator is an incredible tool for people with low vision or blindness, but its features can be used by anyone. Whether you need to quickly find a file or hear today’s news summary, Narrator can help you get the job done. You will find here a list of keyboard shortcuts to help you get more done with Narrator.


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