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6 Ways to Customize WhatsApp for a Personalized Experience
March 9, 2023

6 Ways to Customize WhatsApp for a Personalized Experience

Reading Time: 4 minutes

If you want to make your WhatsApp experience more unique to you, here are some features you can try.

Don’t like the generic look and settings of WhatsApp? Why not customize them to your liking and make the app more intuitive?

There are many ways to make your WhatsApp more unique to reflect your personality better. From sticker packs to a different wallpaper for each contact, WhatsApp has many customizable features you may not know about.

Even the ringtones, notification sounds, and text size can be changed to your liking in just a few steps. Here are six ways to customize your WhatsApp settings for a more personalized experience.

1. Use a Different Wallpaper for Each WhatsApp Chat

WhatsApp has many default background wallpapers you can pick from. Not only that, but you can also set any picture from your phone’s gallery as your WhatsApp chat background.

The image you set as the chat background doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for every WhatsApp chat. Instead, you can select different pictures for different chats.

This is a useful feature as you can set the picture of the person you are chatting with as the background for easier recognition. You can also upload a memorable image that you both love.

To change the background image of a specific chat on WhatsApp, open the chat and tap your contact’s name. From there, select Wallpaper & Sound.

You can change the background picture to whatever image you want by tapping the Choose a New Wallpaper option and selecting the desired picture.

2. Use Different Alert Tones

WhatsApp allows you to set different alert tones for contacts and groups. You can change the notification sounds of specific contacts and groups so that every notification you receive gives an alert sound of your preference. That way, you’ll know who the notification is from without even checking your phone.

On iPhone, simply tap the name of the contact or group and go to Wallpapers & Sound. Select Alert tone and set the sound of your choice. On Android, select your contact’s name and select Custom notifications.

To change the general notification sound on WhatsApp, go to WhatsApp Settings and tap Notifications. There, you will see separate sound options for message and group notifications.

By setting different sounds for contacts and groups, you can easily tell if you received an alert from a personal contact or a group.

3. Download Sticker Packs

Stickers are an exciting feature of WhatsApp. Some fun sticker packs are available on WhatsApp by default, but you can also download new ones. Moreover, WhatsApp regularly uploads new stickers to use.

To download the latest sticker packs, press the sticker tab in your WhatsApp chat and tap the + icon on the right. You will see several sticker packs available for download. From animated stickers to static pictures, WhatsApp has them all.

You can even add your custom stickers. To do so, you will need access to a sticker maker app and then upload the stickers you made to your WhatsApp.

4. Hide Your Profile Picture and Status

WhatsApp allows you to hide your profile picture if you want a bit more privacy. Simply go to your WhatsApp Settings and open the Privacy tab. Select Profile Photo and choose your preferred privacy option.

By default, these settings are set to Everyone, meaning anyone with your contact information can see your profile photo.

You can change your profile photo privacy to My Contacts, My Contacts Except, or select the Nobody option so no one can see your profile picture or status.

Users can also hide their WhatsApp status from specific contacts, allowing them to personalize their WhatsApp even more. To do that, go to the Privacy tab in WhatsApp Settings and tap Status. Then press the Only Share With option and select the users that you want to show your status.

5. Change the Text Size in WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to change the text size in the app to your liking. The medium font size is selected by default, but smaller font sizes are also available, allowing more messages to be visible on your screen. If you have trouble reading the small and medium font sizes, you can always make the text larger.

To change the font size on an Android device, go to your WhatsApp Settings and select Chats. You will see an option for Font Size. Tap it and select the font size that you can read comfortably.

To change the text size on an iPhone, go to your phone Settings and select Display & Brightness. Then tap Text Size and adjust the text size you prefer by moving the slider to the left or right.

6. Switch Themes

Is your WhatsApp screen too bright or dark for your liking? You can fix this by simply changing your theme. On an Android device, go to your WhatsApp Settings and open the Chats option. Press Theme and select from the dark and light themes.

If you have an iOS device, slide your thumb down from the right corner of your screen and turn the Dark Mode on or off (depending upon your preference). You will see that your WhatsApp theme will be changed as well.

The light theme is quite bright, so you can easily see your screen outdoors or in a bright environment. The dark theme, however, is ideal for you if you’re in a dark place. It doesn’t put much strain on your eyes compared to the light theme.

Customize Your WhatsApp for a More Personalized Feel

There are several ways to get a more personalized experience from your WhatsApp. You can change your profile picture, toggle the text size, switch to a dark theme, upload custom stickers, and even change the wallpaper and notification sound for each contact.

With so many possibilities, you can customize your WhatsApp just how you like it.


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