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3 Sure Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit With Linux
December 23, 2022

3 Sure Ways to Get in the Christmas Spirit With Linux

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the holidays around the corner, you can get the Christmassy feel a bit early using your Linux PC.

The holiday season is a great time to relax, get cozy, and make time for just you. While many others are getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, why not take an opportunity to just take in some of the Christmas magic at home?

It feels good to treat yourself. But these treats are ones that you don’t have to travel far for. GNOME extensions, creative tools, and holiday wallpapers are available to unwrap from the comfort of your home.

Let’s break down three straightforward ways to decorate your Linux desktop while you get into the holiday spirit.

1. Using GNOME Extensions

These snowy themes are easy to install for Linux distributions that use GNOME. We’ll walk you through each winter wonderland that you can integrate with your current desktop environment. Snowy, wintry, and wonderful.

Sorry. Yule tide logs and hot chocolate is not included.

To brighten your winter mood, check out these Christmas-themed GNOME extensions for details.

This trio of extensions comes with skill levels that range from beginner to intermediate. No matter what your Linux skill level is, you can be sure to grab a snowy extension that suits you best. Whether you want a simple on/off switch to create a falling snow effect, a feature-rich application with all the Christmas bells and whistles, or something in between, there is a GNOME extension just for you.

2. Creative Tools

Head down Christmas lane to a magical place where you can create creative Christmas magic with GIMP, Blender, and your beloved Linux terminal.

These creative tools help to give you a creative Christmas you can count on. Learn how to turn any picture into a winter snow scene using GIMP, or leverage the power of Blender to create a realistic winter scene, including accurate lighting, and a snowman that rivals Frosty.

As well, fun Bash scripts offer a little joy and warmth by converting your current terminal prompts into Christmas trees and decorations.

Pick one of the three options, or try them all! Have some fun, and learn something new for yourself. Even Santa won’t be able to get you such a priceless gift!

3. Holiday Wallpaper Collections

When you are looking for simple joy, it’s quite easy to overlook the easiest effort, i.e. a Christmas wallpaper miracle.

The magic of updating your desktop wallpaper is really easy (and truly worth the effort). All you need to do is save a picture that suits you and update your desktop wallpaper using configuration/settings tools included with your Linux distribution.

Then again, there are so many wallpaper sites, links, and repositories, that it’s nice to know where the three wisest websites are to grab your new favorite Christmas wallpaper.

Check out the best websites to find high-quality Christmas wallpapers for your Linux desktop. Also, feel free to install some applications that will make changing your Linux desktop wallpaper so much easier.

In the Holiday Mood With Linux

If you wish to try all of these heart-warming ideas, there are many ways to create a winter wonderful on your own Linux desktop. What combination of GNOME extensions, creative tools, or Christmas wallpaper will you choose?

It’s time that you gave your Linux PC a gift or two, right? The least you can do for all the memories you’ve made together. Your computer deserves it! In return, you’ll give yourself a chance to really enjoy the holidays with a gift of creative ideas, delightful music, and new skills.


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