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12 of the Best Podcasts About Everything Disney
September 24, 2023

12 of the Best Podcasts About Everything Disney

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Shows exploring every aspect of the beloved mega-corp, from the parks, to the films, to the music.

I’m a Disney Adult, and I don’t care who knows it. I live in Disney t-shirts, I was nearly a ‘friend of Tinker Bell’ (that’s a euphemism for ‘playing a character in the parks’), I have been to Disney World at least 100 times, I go on a Disney cruise once a year, I once won the Disney Princess half-marathon while wearing a Tinker Bell costume (and the NY Post has made fun of me for all of it).

I tell you this so you trust me when I say that the following podcasts are must-listens for my fellow Disney fanatics. They’ve taught me about the history of the parks and how the company markets its properties, dived deep into the nostalgia fans have for specific rides and attractions, provided park updates and news, and given me a chance to completely nerd out about my favorite ride (the Haunted Mansion,) Disney movie (the animated The Little Mermaid), and the Mouse House’s impact on my childhood (I still have the Walt Disney World promotional VHS tape memorized.)

Here are a dozen of are my favorite Disney podcasts. If I’m missing a good one, let me know.

Very Amusing

On Very Amusing, award-winning theme park journalist and travel expert Carlyle Wisel serves as your energetic, knowledgeable guide to everything Disney, from details on the newest Disney Cruise ship, to the inside scoop on D23 EXPO, to info on where to score the best snacks. Carlye always has the latest info on what’s going on in the parks, has the connections to land the best interviews, and doesn’t shy away from expressing her opinion (or her love for Shrek). On each episode, listeners call into the Churro Hotline to ask Carlye anything, and she graciously shares everything she’s learned park hopping and snacking around all of the Disney properties on land and sea. This is the most informative and fun Disney podcast out there—one listen will have you eager to book your next trip.

Those Happy Places

Those Happy Places is an amusement park podcast that runs the gamut from Universal Studios, to Six Flags, to Knott’s Berry Farm, but it spends a lot of time digging into Disney rides and properties. Hosts Alice White and Buddy Duquesne aren’t just reviewing attractions, they’re approaching them as a literary canon, exploring what makes them magical: the stories these happy places tell, how they tell them, and why it matters. Disney nerds know the company uses storytelling in everything they do, and Those Happy Places takes a literary look at how Disney spaces come to life. (Their short series on Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room is something you won’t find anywhere else—a historical consideration of the attraction that also probes what it can tell us about its era, aesthetics, and intended meaning.)

Inside the Disney Vault

Disney is known for putting its back catalogue in the metaphorical ‘Disney Vault’ to drive pent-up demand for its classic animated films—they periodically release and then discontinue the sales of certain Disney films on home video formats like VHS and DVD. On Inside the Disney Vault, Rachel Chapman, Clare Loughran, and Oscar Montoya watch, discuss, criticize, and celebrate every Disney animated movie in chronological order, vault or no vault, from 1937’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to 2022’s Disenchanted. (They even cover niche films you may not have heard of, like the 2000 film Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire.) They’re a hilarious trio and who love the films as much as you probably do if you’re reading this. Listening to their recaps will give you a hit of nostalgia for films from your childhood.

The Supreme Resort Podcast

Most people have a strong preference for either Disneyland or Disney World, and while I don’t like to pit the two against each other (I’m an Orlando girl)
The Supreme Resort Podcast very much does. The hosts do this by considering the attractions that appear in both resorts and arguing about which reins supreme. Which Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride is better? Which Tomorrowland restaurants have the best food? Which Pirates of the Caribbean cruise gives you the most bang for your doubloons? They even argue about the best president animatronic in the Presidents Hall of Fame and the best first aid stations in the parks. I love this podcast because it isn’t just about Disney history, it’s a celebration of the emotions tied to our favorite places in the parks.

Podcast the Ride

Podcast the Ride is about rides and attractions all over the world, but it covers tons of Disney content. Hosts Mike Carlson, Jason Sheridan, and Scott Gairdner are comedians, and the episodes run long—there is a lot of off-topic chatting, as well as deep, deep dives into niche subjects. (If you’re looking to hear an almost two hour episode about Walt Disney World Resort TV or The People Mover, this is your place.) The hosting trio are proud Disney adults who know arguably way too much about Disney parks, and they share their personal stories alongside rigorously fact-checked history. Guest comedians also hop on the mic to nerd out over their favorite parks and rides.

Hidden Mickeys

Disneyheads Natalie Palamides and Carrie Poppy host Hidden Mickeys, the podcast that Disney probably would prefer didn’t exist. Their focus is on the weirder and lesser-known side of the happiest place on earth, and they cover both new Disney happenings and old nostalgic favorites. Natalie and Carry have lots of chemistry, a weird sense of humor, and a shared love for Pizza Planet. They’re just as likely to rag on something as they are celebrate it. Even lukewarm Disney fans will get a kick out of Natalie and Carrie dishing on the missteps of the live-action Little Mermaid, Minnie’s pantsuit, ‘Mousercise,’ and more.

Business Wars: Disney-Pixar vs. Dreamworks

Hosted by David Brown, former anchor of Marketplace, Business Wars gives you the unauthorized true story of what drives competing mega-corps to thrive or to crash and burn. Their series on Disney-Pixar vs. Dreamworks tells the whole story of how Pixar, once as an independent animation studio co-founded by Steve Jobs, Ed Catmull, and John Lasseter, went from making hits like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up to being acquired by Disney for approximately $7.4 billion. The anecdotes and business secrets revealed are plenty juicy (like when tensions ran high as Jeffrey Katzenberg raided Disney’s talent to build DreamWorks’ animation studio). This series is required listening for anyone fascinated by the business dealings behind the magic.

DCL Podcast

Don’t think for a second there isn’t an entire podcast dedicated to the Disney Cruise Line. On DCL Podcast, the hosts share history and tips for your next magical sail. There are back-to-basics episodes that arm you with everything you need to know before you go, to shows all about the history of the ships and how they were built. Episodes provide in-depth details about each voyage, from Norway, to Alaska, to the Bahamas, and the Greek Isles, and everything about the themed bars and restaurants each ship has to offer. The hosts bring on guests to share personal stories about their adventures, so you get firsthand accounts about how different kinds of families might experience Disney’s Magic, Dream, Wonder, Fantasy, Wish, and the new Treasure cruises. You’ll learn about every hidden nook, cranny, and Mickey from port to starboard.

Disney For Scores

Get to know the composers behind TV and film scores from Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and all that is Disney on Disney For Scores. In conversations with people like Alan Menken, Randy Newman, and Frozen‘s Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, host (and USC film music professor) Jon Burlingame reveals the never-before-heard special moments behind many of today’s most beloved scores. You’ll learn the process for writing a film score, how composers work with directors, and all of the ins and outs of the music that brings Disney movies to life. Jon asks great, well-researched questions, and whether you’re a Disney fan or a composer, you’ll learn a lot and deepen your appreciation for films like Aladdin, Cruella, Black Widow and more.

Fan Theory Queries

Not strictly a Disney Podcast, Fan Theory Queries is the show where pop culture nerds Lara Williams, Spencer Williams, and Michael Sewell track down the most genius and preposterous fan theories from all over the internet (but mostly from Reddit.) They scour the digital world to see what kind of theories people are coming up with about the Saw movies (Does Home Alone‘s Kevin McCallister Grow Up to Become Jigsaw?) and The Office (Does it take place in hell?) But their Disney episodes are the best: Did Captain Hook kill Ariel’s Mother? Is Code 2319 in Monsters Inc. a procedure to prevent pandemics? Did Mary Poppins attend Hogwarts? Did Tinkerbell help lure Pan back to Neverland in the movie Hook? What really happens when you ride the Haunted Mansion? You might not have known to wonder about these things, but if you’re a Disney fan, you probably should.

The Carousel Project

Have you ever wondered exactly how Disney gets millions of guests through their gates year after year? Or how they have created one of the most enduring brands that continues to delight generation after generation? Disney has created some magical places and experiences, but a lot of brilliant marketing fuels fans excitement for them, and that’s what The Carousel Project is all about. Hosts Kait, of the Disney lifestyle blog Kait Around The Kingdom; and Josie, an Orlando local, public relations professional, and a former Cast Member; share history and lessons in media, making this a podcast for Disney nerds and marketing/PR pros alike.

Connecting with Walt

Connecting with Walt is a top-notch history podcast that will tell you everything you need to know about Walt Disney and everything born of his legacy, from the parks, to the films, to Disney Imagineering. Hosted by Michael Bowling and Craig Williams, it’s a tribute to Walt, the guy who made it all happen, but you’ll also learn about the women of Disney, the history of Pinocchio and It’s a Small World, and Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. When it comes to learning all the tiny details about Walt and the parks, this is gold standard. And to think (and to quote Walt), ‘it was all started by a mouse!’


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