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12 Christmas Podcasts to Get You in the Christmas Spirit
December 23, 2022

12 Christmas Podcasts to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Reading Time: 5 minutes

From movies to music and even food, these Christmas podcasts will teach you everything you need to know about the most wonderful time of the year.

From the movies we watch to the food we eat, the songs we sing, and the traditions we uphold, Christmas is a season to enjoy and cherish.

Whatever you do to celebrate the festive season, you can enjoy the company of these great Christmas podcasts that highlight the different stories and traditions accompanying this special time. And with many of them broadcasting throughout the year, you can listen to an episode whenever you need to recreate the magic of Christmas.

1. Christmas Time in the City

There’s no better place to celebrate Christmas than in New York City. Join hosts Chris and Kris in their hometown to explore the history and traditions of the festive season in the Big Apple and beyond.

They take you for a wander around the iconic locations you’ll know from movies like Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. They also explore the stories behind New York traditions, like Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Rockefeller Center tree. If you can’t spend Christmas in Manhattan, this is an excellent way to capture its energy and spirit.

2. A Cozy Christmas Podcast

This show celebrates everything cozy about this coziest of seasons and delivers on the promise of its title. Host Art discusses the traditions of Christmas and shares stories such as The Signal Man by Charles Dickens. Although it’s based in the USA, A Cozy Christmas has listeners from around the world to give an international flavor. For example, in the lovely discussion Is Santa Claus Real? (S3 E87), you’ll get to enjoy what the podcast and its listeners have to offer. The podcast runs throughout the year, releasing more frequent episodes around the festive season.

3. Can’t Wait for Christmas

Comedian Tim Babb hosts this monthly podcast from LA all year round to discuss literally everything about Christmas. So if you’ve ever found yourself wanting to learn about Christmas carols in July, this is the place to come.

Babb takes a light-hearted look at how we celebrate Christmas and talks a lot about the Muppets along the way. Some episodes have included ‘holiday hacks’ to help you navigate the festive season and how Hollywood might recast movies like The Santa Clause and the Grinch if they were remade.

4. ‘Tis the Podcast

Fans of Christmas movies and TV should look no further than this weekly podcast that takes a comprehensive look at Christmas movies, specials, and Christmas-themed TV episodes. Hosted brilliantly by self-designated Christmas nerds Anthony Caruso, Julia Colburn, and Thom Crowe, ‘Tis the Podcast cover every Christmas movie you’ve ever heard of and plenty you won’t know about­–until now­.

If you want to know their expert take on the Top 10 Christmas movies, check out the ongoing chart on the ‘Tis the Podcast website. They’re the best people to judge.

5. Behind the Bells

Another Christmas movie podcast is Robert Nicholas’s Behind the Bells. Broadcast all year, this show looks at the stories behind our favorite holiday movies. Nicholas uncovers behind-the-scenes secrets about films we think we know well.

So you’ll learn how Fox persuaded Macy’s to use its name in Miracle on 34th Street (S1 E35) and which actors were almost cast in Home Alone (S1 E9). Each episode is peppered with amazing insights into the films. You can also use these sources to help you find the perfect movie for you.

6. Christmas Past

You’ll love the well-established Christmas Past podcast if you’re curious about the past. Brian Earl takes a deep dive into the fascinating history behind your favorite Christmas traditions. Everything is well-researched and presented with a light touch, making it perfect for listening to while decorating your tree or wrapping Christmas gifts.

7. Totally Rad Christmas

Die Hard. Gremlins. Last Christmas. Cabbage Patch Kids. Do you remember Christmas in the 80s? Whether you were there at the time or you’re fascinated by the toys, music, movies, commercials, and fashion of this incredible era, you’ll enjoy this podcast’s look at a decade that influenced so much of modern culture.

Broadcast year-round, Totally Rad Christmas has a catalog of two hundred episodes, each at least an hour long. So there’s plenty of nostalgia to soak up, and you might be inspired to buy your loved one retro gifts for Christmas.

8. Christmas Countdown Show

Hosted by actor Eric Petersen and TV producer Danny Jordan, Christmas Countdown Show is the number one ranked Christmas podcast on Apple and Spotify. This podcast provides an entertaining countdown of holiday-themed lists, ranging from the top 10 Christmas movies to the top 10 holiday traditions. Other editions have seen the two hosts tackle the top five versions of Jingle Bells (S2 E11) and the top lines from Christmas movies (S2 E7).

Hugely popular, Christmas Countdown offers exclusive episodes via Patreon and even boasts a range of Christmas Countdown merchandise to purchase.

9. Season’s Eatings

If there’s one topic on everyone’s mind over the holiday season, it’s likely to be food. And Season’s Eatings is a podcast that will satisfy any cravings you have for learning about the origins of our favorite holiday foods.

From American staples like pecan pie (S3 E6) to the classic Italian panettone (S2 E5), host Glen Warren searches out traditions from all corners of the globe and tells the stories behind the dishes. The Season’s Eatings episode even features a three-hour holiday music playlist so that you can prepare your own feasts with beautiful instrumental tunes in the background. Alternatively, you can try these free Christmas music apps for Android.

A treat of a podcast, although not one to listen to when you’re hungry.

10. Twelve Songs of Christmas

As the title suggests, this podcast is about Christmas music. Host Alex Rawls searches out the artists behind some of the most beautiful songs that accompany our Christmases, conducting brilliant interviews that give fresh insights into the inspiration behind the music.

Rawls seeks out music way beyond the obvious hits, talking to musicians from bands such as Low, The Flaming Lips, and Calexico to create a brilliant resource for music lovers everywhere. Listen to the Spotify playlist The Twelve Songs of Christmas So Far to get an idea of the kind of music covered here.

11. Christmas 365

Christmas 365 is hosted by Dylan Lyles and Matt Kelly, who will happily talk about anything to do with Christmas all year round. Covering movies, TV shows, and music, it’s like listening to a chat between friends. If you want to listen to discussions on Simpsons Christmas specials, Garfield, or even Christmas slasher films like Black Christmas, this is the place to get your fix.

12. The Calm Christmas Podcast

Christmas can be a hectic season that can prove to be a challenging time for many. Beth Kempton, the bestselling well-being author, created The Calm Christmas Podcast as an antidote to the commercial pressures you might feel at this time of year.

It’s a soothing, cozy listen that can help you make this Christmas a relaxing holiday season. Although the 2022 edition is one single, extended episode, you can work through the catalog of past programs to find plenty of inspiration to help you pause, think, and take time for self-care at this time of year.

Get Into the Christmas Spirit With a Podcast

However you choose to celebrate the festive season, you’ll find plenty of memories, entertainment, nostalgia, and inspiration in this diverse collection of Christmas podcasts to keep you company as you make your own preparations for the holidays.

Whether you’re traveling, cooking, shopping, or just relaxing at home next to your Christmas tree, a Christmas podcast is a great way to keep your spirits high.


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