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11 Things You Can Do With ChatGPT
December 21, 2022

11 Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

Reading Time: 4 minutes

AI chatbots are great fun, but ChatGPT has practical uses, too.

Artificial intelligence products have seen a meteoric rise within the last few years. We’ve been wowed by AI writing tools, AI text-to-image generators, and even AI self-portraits. Now, ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that is taking the internet by storm, is giving us a glimpse into the potential of AI technology.

If you’ve heard about ChatGPT but are not exactly sure how it could be of practical use, we’ve got you covered with 11 ways you can use ChatGPT.

What Is ChatGPT?

If you missed the whole ChatGPT buzz, or you’re not exactly sure about what it is, let’s catch you up to speed. ChatGPT is a conversational artificial Intelligence chatbot that can answer just about any question you throw at it.

You can think of it as Google Search, but on steroids. It doesn’t just throw a bunch of information sources at you as Google would. Still, it presents information in a conversational and structured form akin to what a human would do when providing answers to questions. Moreover, it can answer questions in just about any field. Science, mathematics, religion, sports, politics—you name it.

11 Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

Beyond the hype and buzz surrounding ChatGPT, what immediate real-world uses can you try right now? Ready to explore? Here are 11 cool day-to-day uses for chatGPT.

1. Quickly Write a Customized Resume and Cover Letter

If you’re currently job-hunting, one of the most tiring parts of the job application process is writing a personalized resume and cover letter for every job you apply for. Unfortunately, you can’t simply write one copy for every job. ChatGPT is one of the quickest ways to make a resume online. It can help relieve you of the burden of customizing each resume for each job posting in just a few seconds.

We asked ChatGPT to write a resume for a tech writer job application, and here’s part of the result.

We also prompted it to prepare a cover letter for a job application for a web developer role at a Fashion design firm.

2. Create Original Jokes

What’s life without a bit of fun? Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or to create some hilarious jokes to impress your friends, ChatGPT can come in handy. Sure, AI chatbots aren’t exactly known to be great comedians, but ChatGPT shows some potential. We asked ChatGPT to tell us a joke about Apple and foldable smartphones; we’ll let you judge the results:

3. Explain Complex Topics

Sometimes, simply Googling a topic doesn’t give you a clear understanding. Think of topics like wormholes, dark matter, and all those head-spinning theories from your Master’s degree program. Or maybe it’s a weird sport you don’t understand or whose rules make no sense.

ChatGPT could be useful in explaining them in layman’s terms. We prompted ChatGPT to ‘Explain wormhole like I’m 5,’ and here’s the result.

We also prompted it to explain the internet similarly. It wasn’t too bad, either.

4. Solve Tricky Math Problems Step-by-Step

Whether you’re looking to tackle complex algebra problems or simple math problems that are too tricky to piece together, ChatGPT is particularly strong in handling math. You’ll need to present your problems clearly and concisely for the best results. We prompted ChatGPT to answer a simple but tricky math problem, and here’s the result:

5. Get Relationship Advice

ChatGPT, just like any AI system, can’t exactly understand emotions. However, it can still provide useful tips for managing relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. It can be your personal therapist or relationship expert if you give it the right prompts. We asked ChatGPT for help with dealing with a nosy partner, and here’s what it had to say:

We also asked about how to deal with a partner being overly protective of their phone, and here’s what it had to say:

6. Write Music In Almost Any Genre

One of ChatGPT’s greatest strengths is its ‘learned creativity.’ Unlike some AI solutions, ChatGPT doesn’t just deal with soulless robotic concepts. It is also versed in creative endeavors, including writing music. You can write just about any song in most major music genres. We prompted ChatGPT to write a rap song on Elon Musk, and here’s part of its response:

Below are the last bits of the lyrics. It’s not going to win a Grammy, but with the right beats, it just might go places.

7. Write, Debug, and Explain Code

Whether you’re an experienced programmer or a newbie, you’re bound to run into a few bugs in your code from time to time. ChatGPT can help you narrow down the problem within your code, saving you hours looking for a misplaced comma. You can also write entire blocks of functional code snippets from scratch. However, deploying ChatGPT code to a production server might not be an entirely great idea.

We prompted ChatGPT to write a simple form-handling script in PHP, and here is the result:

We also prompted it to figure out the bug in a JavaScript code:

8. Create Content In Multiple Languages

If you’re a content creator that would love to reach a wider audience, ChatGPT could be incredibly useful for creating content in multiple languages. Sure, there’s Google Translate, but writing in one language and translating to the other means a lot of contexts and language-specific tones could be lost. ChatGPT can create content directly in several languages. Chinese? Check. Spanish? Check. French? Check. We prompted ChatGPT to write a poem in English and Chinese, and here’s the result:

9. Prepare for a Job Interview

With its wealth of knowledge across several fields, ChatGPT is one of the best AI tools to help you prepare for a job interview. You can use it to generate hypothetical scenarios in a job interview, possible questions, intelligent replies to possible questions, and many other useful interview prep tips. We created a hypothetical situation during an interview and asked ChatGPT for help. Here’s the result:

10. Write Essays on Almost Any Topic

While we strongly advise you to write your essays yourself, ChatGPT can compose amazing essays on a wide range of topics, even the most complex. We prompted ChatGPT to write an essay on Donald Trump, and here’s the result:

11. A Chat Companion

When all is said and done, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot. Despite its almost endless use cases, you’ll find ChatGPT a very accommodating companion when you need someone (or a robot) to talk to.

Trust, but Verify All ChatGPT Results

While ChatGPT is an incredibly accurate AI chatbot, it is still prone to inaccuracies. Although the rate at which it provides inaccurate information isn’t alarming, it’s important to verify the information that ChatGPT provides before using it.

As a precaution, don’t use the information generated by ChatGPT to make critical health or financial decisions without thorough verification. While ChatGPT is indeed a game-changing AI product, it is still mostly a work in progress.


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