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10 Years With Minecraft ― Why It’s Still One of the Best Games
January 22, 2023

10 Years With Minecraft ― Why It’s Still One of the Best Games

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Minecraft is undoubtedly the biggest game of this gaming generation in terms of engagement, growth, and popularity. Since its release, the game has been the pinnacle of sandbox open-world games. Read on to find out why Minecraft is still so popular.

Loneliness = Freedom?

Minecraft plays a lot with players' different emotions. As a player, you get almost infinite freedom in Minecraft. You can do, build, explore, see, and experience whatever you want. Equally so can all that freedom constitute an overwhelming factor, and players may feel lonely in Minecraft's huge, randomly generated worlds.

That solitude, in contradiction to all that freedom the developers give you, creates an interesting phenomenon that I fell in love with through all those years I've been playing Minecraft.

For me, it's a positive solitude, a positive loneliness to embrace and discover within Minecraft's graphicly retro-stylized worlds. It's a way of switching off. It's a way of enabling you to experience yourself and your unique creative spirit.

Nowadays, games are very action-packed, focusing on always having the player's immediate attention. Minecraft, on the other hand, makes you stay in the game without the need to overwhelm you with constant action.

I mean, if you play a classic single-player survival game, as I assume most players still do enjoy the most in Minecraft, there's only you and your imagination that powers you forward and also the only boundary you will experience in the game.

Goals? There Aren't Any

While Minecraft offers a story-approached playstyle where the end goal is to beat the dragon, it's not what this game is about, nor how it's meant to be played. When you start a survival game in Minecraft, you are spawned in what seems like an endless world. You have nothing, are nothing, and are not told to do anything specific.

There are zero objectives to pursue and no quests to do. You are left with what is a valuable and most beautiful tool you have, your imagination. In Minecraft, everything is totally up to you. You can do anything you can think of, and there aren't any directly wrong or good decisions to be made.

Again, you need to able yourself to tune into the creative spirit to be able to maximize all of Minecraft's gameplay aspects. No one will hold your hand here and show you what to do. You are the creator here. Your journey is formed by your decisions, from the first spawning into the new and unexplored world to whatever you decide to do the last in the world.

Which Genre Do You Want?

No matter what genre you prefer, Minecraft can give it to you. Do you like adventures? Create your own. In Minecraft, you can explore randomly generated worlds that are, wait for it, massive. How massive? 60 000 kilometers x 60 000 kilometers.

To give you better insight – one Minecraft world is bigger than the planet Neptun. So go out there and explore. There are a lot of various biomes, structures, caves, mountains, valleys, forests, and so on.

You can also settle down somewhere and focus purely on building, on creating mechanisms that will make your survival easier. You can build beautiful houses, castles, towers, et cetera. You can build mining complexes and dig wide tunnels underground.

Maybe you like leveling and combat games. While it's only fair to say that combat in Minecraft isn't as fun as in other, more combat-oriented games, it still can please you. You can find dangerous creatures to take down during nighttime or in all those large dungeons and caves.

The best thing is that you get a mix of all these genres in one game. That's another aspect worth mentioning because it gives Minecraft an edge over other, more genre-specified titles. If you don't know what genre to pick up, Minecraft won't disappoint, and you may even get an answer to what game you want to play next.

Modding Community Is Lifting Minecraft

Mods are nowadays a huge part of any game and can enhance and move already great titles to new highs. Minecraft's modding community has achieved that in many ways. Be it new texture packs or exciting adventure modes that feel like a new game. Modders have it all covered for you.

It's tough to praise a game or its developers for developing a game that lives up through mods because then the modders should get equal recognization. Therefore, I want to make it clear that although mods have, without a doubt, helped Minecraft forward, its vanilla version is still the pinnacle and the best part of the whole game.

Minecraft doesn't need mods to be an entertaining game. Mods only enhance and enriches your experience. They aren't necessarily a crucial part of what they sometimes can be in other game genres, such as simulators or sports games.


Minecraft is nowadays a phenomenon that cannot be overlooked. Its concept has changed how we view the indie gaming scene and showed us what amazing games it can bring us.

Minecraft started as a small project of a certain Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, who, back then, was an unknown game developer. Nowadays, Minecraft is one of the most known and played games ever, and Persson is a highly praised developer. Everybody knows what Minecraft is. Even the no-gamers have an idea and are well aware of Minecraft's existence.

I started to play Minecraft 10 years ago and still gladly return to its charming, impressive worlds from time to time. It's a game that developed my creativity and helped me to relax when I needed it the most.

© 2022 Jan Stepan

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