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10 Podcasts for Your Next Family Road Trip
July 27, 2023

10 Podcasts for Your Next Family Road Trip

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Music? No. Politics? Definitely not. Keep everyone in the car engaged (and getting along) with these shows.

So you’re going on a road trip with family you may or may not normally spend a lot of time with, all of you with different musical tastes and/or takes on politics. And no one wants to spend 36 hours playing the license-plate game or singing rounds of ’99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.’ Instead, press play on these podcasts—they use storytelling, comedy, and thought-provoking interviews to keep you and your whole crew entertained on the road.

(Note: I’m assuming an older audience here—parents and other adults, plus early teenagers and older. If you have younger children along for the ride, here are suggestions for all-ages shows the whole family can vibe to.)

The 11th

There are so many great ideas for audio projects out there, but if they don’t fit into the 12-episode format, they don’t always find a home. The 11th, a show from Pineapple Studios, was the home for orphan projects for a little more than a year. On the 11th of every month, ‘The 11th’ dropped one standalone and unique story. Listening to it feels like you’re flipping through a magazine—each piece might be anything from a reported story to a musical. Each led by a different team, ‘The 11th’ features some of the most talented voices in audio.

Dolly Parton’s America

Whether you’re young or old, conservative or progressive, vegan or carnivore, you love Dolly Parton. On Dolly Parton’s America, you get the country music queen’s story, from her humble beginnings to her worldwide stardom. It’s presented by Jad Abumrad (formerly of Radiolab) who found out his father is a passing acquaintance of Parton’s and successfully parlayed that connection into access to the country music legend. Get the inside scoop on everything from the enduring power of the song ‘Jolene’ to the delights of her Dollywood theme park.


On Ologies, Alie Ward talks to ologists (experts in any sort of science that ends in -ology) to deliver fun, fact-filled episodes—Alie’s quirky sense of humor will keep everyone in your car laughing as much as they learn all about (for example) reptiles, voice boxes, bats, and dreams. The show will get everyone in your car as jazzed about these topics as the ologists Alie interviews.

Off Book

Even if musicals aren’t your thing, you’ll love Off Book, an improv musical podcast. For every episode, hosts Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino create a musical on the spot, generating a brand new cast of characters and choruses. Jessica and Zach pump comedy into their work, so each musical is also an improv skit. This is road trip music that will keep everyone engaged and laughing.

Play On!

Play On! contains audio reimaginings of the Bard’s most epic stories, told in a way that older kids will actually understand and adults will love. Each one features original music compositions and the voices of award-winning actors. Kids won’t even notice they’re learning while they listen—this podcast is too much fun to feel like school work.

Meddling Adults

Play along with Mike Schubert and his funny friends with Meddling Adults, a nostalgic game show that challenges guests (and you) to solve the mysteries found inside the pages of Encyclopedia Brown, on episodes of Scooby Doo, and more. Can you solve the mysteries faster than Shaggy? Even if you can’t (and TBH I never can), you’ll have fun listening to the banter that happens along the way.

Midnight Burger

If you’re looking for a twist on the TARDIS, come on down to Midnight Burger, a completely ordinary diner except for the fact that the universe is trying to kill it and it must skip through time and space in order to escape doom. In this scripted series, the Midnight Burger pops up just when people need a friend and a cup of coffee, and they are welcomed by the eclectic staff—a galactic drifter, a rogue theoretical physicist, a sentient old-time-y radio, and some guy named Caspar. Once you’ve visited the Midnight Burger once, you’re guaranteed to become a regular, if only to spend more time with the characters.


S-Town is a narrative non-fiction podcast created by the producers of Serial and This American Life. It tells the story of John B. McLemore, a resident of a small town in Alabama who contacts journalist Brian Reed to investigate a murder and other alleged injustices in his town. During Reed’s investigation about the murder, he gets to know the eccentric and troubled McLemore and understand his complicated relationship with his hometown. S-Town has a jaw-dropping third episode that takes listeners on a path they never expected. It’s a story about a murder, but more importantly, about the man who brought Reed to the scene of the crime.

No Such Thing As a Fish

The trivia on No Such Thing As a Fish will entertain your road trippers with stories about random subjects like zip lines and hominids. Each episode features a rotating cast of presenters who each share their favorite fact that they’ve unearthed that week. You’ll learn something fascinating, ridiculous, and (usually) completely useless.

Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast, brought to you by Brittany and Meredith, will test your knowledge in pop culture, video games, geography, Disney, Harry Potter, science, Star Wars, and more. It’s a game that’s guaranteed to make long car trips more bearable. Episodes are grouped into themes, so you can take turns letting people on your trip choose which rabbit hole to explore.


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