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What Time Does BeReal Go Off?
March 9, 2023

What Time Does BeReal Go Off?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

What time does BeReal send out its daily notification? Here’s all you need to know

BeReal allows you to post once per day at a specific time. When it is that time, you receive a notification letting you know it is time to be real, and you can take a dual camera photo that gets posted to the app.

But what time will you get the BeReal notification each day? Here’s what you need to know.

What Time Does BeReal Go Off?

The time BeReal goes off for you to post each day is completely random, so it is impossible to predict when it will happen. BeReal itself does not say much on its website about when the notification will go off, intentionally keeping it a mystery. However, it only seems to go off during waking hours each day, which are from about 9am until midnight each day. So, at least you know it will not happen at four in the morning.

Candid Technology kept track of when the notification went out each day over several months and the 9am to 12am theory appears correct. A Redditor also tracked the times the notification went out in a Reddit thread and found similar results. The user, Devin Baeten, created a tool called BeReal Time History. Historical data shows BeReal notification times falling within the 9am to 12am window.

BeReal also separates users into different time zones, so users in different regions of the world will get the notification at different times. These are not the standard time zones that we think about when calculating what time it is in other parts of the world. There are four BeReal time zones: Americas, Europe, West Asia, and East Asia. There is a different notification for each of these time zones, so if you have friends in other parts of the world, you may notice them posting at a different time than you.

There is only one notification to post on BeReal sent out each day per time zone.

What If BeReal Goes Off at a Bad Time?

Sometimes, you might be super busy when the notification to post on BeReal goes out. Whatever the case may be, you have a few options if BeReal goes off at a bad time.

1. Delete and Retake Your BeReal

If you rush and take a less-than-perfect photo, you have the option to delete and retake your BeReal. Your friends will be able to see how many times you retook it though, so be careful not to overuse this option.

You can also just delete your BeReal for that day without retaking it, since you do not have to post every day. This will not delete any screenshots of your post that may have been taken while it was posted though. You will receive a notification if someone screenshots your BeReal.

2. Post Your BeReal Late

You can post your BeReal anytime after the notification goes out. If you post late, all of your friends on the app will get a notification saying you posted late, which can be embarrassing, but better late than never!

This is a good option for when you simply miss the notification completely or when you are doing something you don’t want to post.

3. Wait Until Tomorrow

There is no penalty for skipping a day on BeReal, so if you are really not feeling it, you don’t have to post every day. Do what makes the app the most enjoyable for you, whether that is posting on time every day or skipping a day sometimes.

Do Not Worry About The BeReal Notification

The most important thing to remember about BeReal is that the whole point is to post in-the-moment and authentically. You shouldn’t be worrying about when it will go off or what you will be doing when it happens so that you can have a cool post.

The BeReal notification will probably often go off when you’re studying, working, or doing another mundane task. And that is okay! BeReal is meant to be casual and fun, not stressful. Do not worry about posting these little moments every day.

BeReal’s Notification Time Is Unpredictable

Not knowing when the BeReal notification will go off can make it more exciting when it finally does. The stop-what-you’re-doing moment is fun for you and your friends to capture your everyday lives. Then, when you go through your memories in the app, you can remember the little moments of your life that you would otherwise forget.


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