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6 Different Ways to See Deleted Reddit Posts
March 9, 2023

6 Different Ways to See Deleted Reddit Posts

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Although Reddit won’t show deleted threads to its users, it’s rather easy to view deleted Reddit posts and comments when you want to.

When you’re browsing Reddit, finding a deleted post with tons of upvotes is annoying. A brief look at the thread title and your curiosity takes control, leading you into wondering how great it would be if you could just time-travel to the past and see what the deleted thread was all about.

Well, that’s not possible—only the time travel part. We’ll show you six different ways to see old, deleted Reddit posts and comments so you can satisfy your curious mind.

1. Unddit

Unddit is probably the most convenient tool to see deleted Reddit threads. It lets you view deleted posts and comments, and color codes them to differentiate the deleted content based on who removed it. Unddit will also display the username of the user who originally published the comment.

Using Unddit is quite easy. Simply head over to and drag the red Unddit button to the bookmarks bar. Now, open the deleted Reddit thread you want to view, and with the page fully loaded, click on the Unddit bookmark from the bar.

Alternatively, you can simply replace ‘reddit‘ in the thread URL with ‘unddit‘ and it’ll take you to the same Unddit web page.

Unddit fetches the data from the Pushshift archive and presents it in an old Reddit-like interface. Pushshift is a social media data collection and tracking platform that’s been archiving Reddit data since 2015.

Unddit uses a red-blue color scheme to distinguish between user-deleted and moderator-removed comments. It highlights the comments deleted by the users in blue, whereas comments with a red background were removed by a subreddit moderator.

If you want to view all the deleted comments of a post, you’ll have to wait for some time as Unddit loads the data. There’s a quick way if you want to directly view a particular comment in a thread, however. You can specify the direct link to the thread containing the deleted comment and Unddit will only fetch and load that thread from the archive.

2. Reveddit

When you visit, you’ll find only a single text field where you can enter the username, subreddit name, or link to the thread.

On specifying a subreddit name, Reveddit will list all the deleted threads and comments posted under that subreddit. You can then browse through the results to find anything that catches your eye or simply search for what you want using other search options.

Similar to Unddit, you can input URLs for both posts and specific threads. Also, you can substitute ‘reddit’ in the thread URL with ‘reveddit’ to directly view deleted content in that particular thread.

The only drawback? Reveddit doesn’t display comments deleted by users. You can only view comments deleted by the moderator of the subreddit.

3. Reddit Search by Unddit

Spent hours looking for a deleted Reddit comment with Unddit or Reveddit but still no joy? Try Reddit Search by Unddit instead. It’s similar to Resavr (listed below) in the sense that it also focuses entirely on deleted comments instead of posts. There is an option to search for deleted posts, but it doesn’t seem to work at the time of writing.

Head over to and you’ll find multiple filtering options to fine-tune your search. To start, type in the username and select the Before and After dates to specify a range. You can also get results from particular subreddits and control the number of entries it returns by populating the corresponding fields.

The most powerful feature is the Search Term field. If you’ve read the deleted comment before but only remember a few words from it, type it in the field and hit Search. With the right search terms and filters, you’re just a click away from reading that deleted Reddit comment again.

4. Resavr

Resavr might not be the best website to search for deleted Reddit content as it doesn’t allow you to view removed posts. It’s a website completely dedicated to viewing deleted comments. Another issue is that you can’t search for a specific thread using its link to view the deleted comment you’re looking for.

The interface is quite simple. It lists recently deleted Reddit comments and is a great website for those who just want to pass some time by reading deleted comments. It links back to the original deleted Reddit thread so you can go ahead and view the entire post to understand the context behind it.

5. The Wayback Machine

Also known as the Internet Archive, the Wayback Machine archives the entire internet, including Reddit. If the aforementioned tools fail to display the deleted Reddit content, you can visit the Wayback Machine in hopes that it might have archived the comment you’re longing to read.

To start, visit and enter the URL of the Reddit post you want to view. Make sure to clean the URL first by removing any trailing, unnecessary HTTP parameters.

The website will display recorded snapshots spread across a calendar. If there’s a relevant snapshot, you can click on the day the snapshot was recorded and view the web page.

6. Google Cache

Similar to the Wayback Machine, Google also indexes web pages and saves a cached version of those pages to display to the users. You can also view deleted Reddit comments and posts using Google’s cache.

To begin, search for the Reddit post using the title of the thread. When you find the post on the search engine results page, click on the three-dots icon next to the result. Click the downward arrow to expand the More options list. If you find an option labeled Cached, it means that Google has a cached version of that page and you can view it by clicking it.

If you’re lucky, the deleted thread or comment you want to view will still be there and you’ll be able to read it before Google re-crawls and saves a new version of the page. As obvious, this only works with recently deleted comments, as Reddit is a popular social media website, and Google crawls it at an overwhelming rate and updates the cached pages quite frequently.

Reddit Is Home to Some Great Conversations!

Viewing deleted Reddit comments and posts might seem inappropriate at first, considering someone removed them for a reason. There are tons of websites that let you dig into the data and bring removed Reddit threads back to life. It’s helpful when you want to recover a deleted Reddit comment that you accidentally removed.

Given how rudimentary Reddit’s search function is, it’s highly likely that you’ve spent hours searching for a thread you read earlier, only to never find it again. A user might have deleted the post or maybe you’re not browsing the website properly. Therefore, learning how to browse the internet is crucial, especially on a platform like Reddit, where thousands of new threads are published each hour.


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